Guest Blogger {A man's perspective}

Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Monday everyone!! Today I am doing things a little different, my husband has written a post he wants to share. It's not fashion related, but it is thrifty and something you can share with the man in your life ;)

"Hello everyone out there. My name is Brett and I'm Tori's husband. As her husband, I can tell you that I love her thrifty nature. I know she is going to shop, because she loves clothes, but because she's budget savvy, she's able to bring home more clothes. Period. Simple math. It's great for her as a blogger, and great for us as a married couple. So when she asked me to contribute a piece for her to demonstrate how her shopping habits have spilled over to me, I thought "Perfect, I have just the post!"

Exibit A: The Callaway RAZR Hawk Tour Driver, 2011 Model

I'm a golfer, and like my wife, I've always been thrifty about it. I have always gone about playing a rich man's sport with a poor man's wallet to the best of my ability. The clubs I play with are an assortment of hand-me-downs, used clubs from eBay, golf shops and friends. I was always as thrifty as I could be so what I looked for was a good quality club, in good shape, but 4-5 years old... So I could afford the model. I would buy clubs that were $500 brand new years later for $30-$50 used. This system worked out ok for a while, but when I demo-ed this driver (Ladies, the driver is the biggest, longest stick in the bag) I fell in love. Uh-Oh. A new model Driver? A $450 price tag?? I had never had new equipment, but I had to have this! So I did what my wife teaches me and hunt down the bargain. After month's of searching (Men will stalk their prey for a long time before the strike) places like Golf Smith, Rodger Dunn, and, um, the rest of the internet, I found a guy on Craigslist who had a post from the beginning of March (2 months ago) that said he had the perfect one for $180! Knowing this was a long shot, I tried the number posted anyway. The post stated that he couldn't hit the Tour Model, and found it harder to sell or get any money back for it because most people didn't want that specific model. I did! I asked him if he'd take $160. He did. Now I have a new golfing buddy out of the process too! One man's trash is another man's treasure, only if you're willing to search for treasure! Tori you are the Master. Thank you Jedi Master."

Aren't we a match made in heaven? Although I'm not a golfer and I know next to nothing about the sport, I can appreciate his frugality! We'll be back to fashion tomorrow, but I hope you enjoyed my little guest blogger :)

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Pink Snakeskin

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I am stepping out of my comfort zone a little today. I am normally scared of crazy prints on my bottom half, but I saw some potential in these pink snakeskin print capris. I think they are fun, a little crazy, but not too out there. I made sure I paired them with a nude pump and plain top so it wasn't too over the top! This whole look cost, twenty-five buckaroos ;)

Brand: Unknown
Purchase Price: $5.50
Purchased From: The Goodwill
Suggested Retail: unknown

Brand: Charlotte Russe
Purchase Price: $6.00
Purchased From: Charlotte Russe
Suggested Retail: $14.00

Brand: Nine West
Purchase Price: $7.50
Purchased From: The Goodwill
Suggested Retail: $89.00
These are becoming a staple in my wardrobe.
I have also worn them in the following posts:
"No Pants {Day 3}"
"Bohemian Rapture"

My husband loves to take beauty shots of me... thought I'd throw this in for him ;)

{Arm Party}
Eclectic collection from: H&M, Charlotte Russe, F21 & Thrifted
Estimated total (not including MK watch): $6.00

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Kenneth Cole Promo Party

Friday, April 27, 2012

Last night, my girlfriend and I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Aimee Song at the Kenneth Cole event in Santa Monica. The event was sponsored by Elle Magazine & Benefit Make-up. There was a full make over station in the middle of the store, along with a ton of in-store promotions. Aimee, from Song of Style, hosted the event. I must say it was a lot of fun, there was champagne and thee most adorable assortment of mini desserts I have ever seen! Thank you again, Aimee, for inviting me!!

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Pay it forward

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hello fellow fashion bloggers! I wanted to share a quick little note with anyone who may be interested. My thrifty chic is a blog built on networking. I do not have hundreds of dollars or great connections in order to get noticed in the blogosphere. I started this blog, like many others have, as a hobby. In the last 16 months I have began to see what it could become. I am very interested in spreading the word about being fashion savvy and not breaking the bank trying to do so.

I want to extend an offer to all of my fellow bloggers and let you know that I am always willing to collaborate. I am open to guest posts, wardrobe exchanges, wardrobe/DIY challenges and any other crazy schemes you can think up. I'm not all about putting ads all over my page, but I am all about highlighting other bloggers and sharing your stories.

I have done a couple collaborations with some other bloggers in the past few weeks and it really got me thinking that we should really work together more frequently! I love the friends I have made through blogging and I enjoy working together and coming up with new ideas :) That being said I am very faithful to my brand and I will not agree to do anything that jeopardizes the integrity of my blog or brand and I would never ask any of you to do it either.

If you are interested in working together, please feel free to contact me, my door is always open!!

Here is my most recent collaboration with three very talented fashionistas :) We all did a whole week of posts wearing anything but pants! Thank you to Marissa for putting it all together!!

P.S. All the pictures are linked to their blogs, feel free to stop by and say "hi"

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What's buzzing on {my} eBay

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I go through shopping spurts on eBay. Sometimes I'll buy 25 things in a week and then I won't touch my account for months. Well, you can probably guess I'm on a binge right now. I went searching for God knows what and I found the entire universe in the form of an online auction house. I guess the most enticing thing about eBay is the fact that I can spend under a 5 dollars on over a million things. Let's be honest not all of it is well made... I personally have bought some real junk. I am hoping however my most recent purchases will turn out to meet all my expectations!!! (and if they don't, well, I didn't spend that much money anyhow).

1. Studded Leather Bracelet
Purchase Price: $4.59
eBay Store: Connys Gallery

2. Antique Style Bangle
Purchase Price: $1.52
eBay Store: Bijoux, Beads, & Findings

3. Lucite Bow Bangle
Purchase Price: $2.99
eBay Store: Olivia Love

4. Leather Stud Bracelet
Purchase Price: $1.80
eBay Store: 2011 happyhour87

5. Belt Buckle Ring
Purchase Price: $1.99
eBay Store: bttech158

6. French Saying Pendant
Purchase Price: $1.69
eBay Store: bttech158

Translation: "We have the ability to change history"

7. Geometric Shaped Necklace
Purchase Price: $3.99
eBay Seller: whbml

8. Lace Bandeau
(Bought a black & white one)
Purchase Price: $8.00/each
eBay Store: Boots2Shoes

9. Express Purple Bandeau
Purchase Price: $8.42
eBay Seller: rmn1104

10. Lilu polka dot bandeau
Purchase Price: $5.99
eBay Seller: gabyglenn

11. Stick on Strapless
Purchase Price: $14.52
eBay Store: Own the Party

The grand total on 12 different items is $63.50. Not bad considering I bought 5 bras, 2 necklaces, 4 bracelets and 1 ring :)

Do you shop on eBay? What do you like to buy?

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Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I have a quick little post I wanted to share with you today. My husband and I had ourselves a little lunch date in Larchmont Village. Larchmont Village is such a cute little neighborhood, hidden in the middle of Los Angeles. It's only a few blocks long but houses just about every single coffee house chain and at least 4 bakeries :D Also available on this quaint little street is almost a dozen little clothing shops. While perusing I saw a sign that said "EVERYTHING UNDER $15" and you don't just walk by a sign like that! The store is called "Heavenly Couture" and is similar to a Forever 21. They carry very trendy clothing and everything seems to be made in China :D I tried on a dozen things but only left with one. I found a lot of things I liked but once I put them on, I just wasn't feeling it... I will definitely be going back to check out their new merchandise soon!

This is the knit dress I bought. I liked it because I can wear it over a variety of things, or I can use it as a bathing suit cover up :)

After the exhausting shopping trip, my husband wanted some pizza ;) I have to say, Village Pizzeria is hands down the best pizza I've had in LA!! Not to mention we split a lunch special - 2 pieces and a drink for $6.45!! Each slice was at least 12" long!! So, if you find your self near Beverly Blvd and Larchmont, stop, grab some pizza, and enjoy the splendor :)

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If I went to Coachella

Monday, April 23, 2012

All I've heard about lately is Coachella, Coachella, Coachella.... I am aware of this massive music festival held in the desert of California. I was however, unaware of how big the fashion scene is. I went to Lalapalooza when I lived in Chicago, it was really fun but so hot and humid. I figured Coachella would be neat, but 110 degree temps are not very enticing for me. I've put together an outfit that I would have worn, had I gone to Coachella ;) Perhaps next year I will be able to afford tickets, I think the fashion alone would be worth the trip :)

My Coachella inspired look cost under $35.00

brand: forever 21
purchased from: forever 21
purchase price: $4.80
suggested retail: $4.80
brand: iris basic
purchased from: ross
purchase price: $7.99
suggested retail: unknown
*I'm wearing my new black lace bandeau bra from ebay, but you can't see it*

brand: express
purchased from: the goodwill
purchase price: $5.99
suggested retail: $49.00

brand: unknown
purchased from: ebay
purchase price: $6.00
suggested retail: unknown

*I bought these for my husband because he is a huge Hunter S. Thompson fan. He thought they were comical but he never wears them. I saw them hanging and figured these would have been perfect for the music festival!*

P.S. that is 100% actual booty. I have tried, but I can't get rid of it ;-/

brand: steve madden
purchased from: the goodwill
purchase price: $9.99
suggested retail: $130.00

also seen here:

brand: various
purchased from: thrifted & forever 21
purchase price: all $15.00
suggested retail: unknown

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Finding The Perfect {Red} Lipstick

Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm not the type of gal to re apply lipstick throughout the day, a little lip gloss and I'm good. But lately, I've been on a bit of a lip stick kick. I have been wearing a variety of bright colors, mostly red! I realize finding the perfect red can be a bit tricky.

First and foremost, You must be able to recognize what kind of skin tone you have. Knowing whether you have warm undertones or cool undertones is key to not just the right lip color but for all beauty decisions.

To find your skin tone: look at the inside of your forearm (in good lighting) If your skin looks orangey/yellowish you have warm undertones. If you skin appears pinkish/bluish you have cool undertones. If you are having trouble still, check out your veins. If you are warm you will have a greenish tint to your veins and if you are cool, your veins will appear more blue/purple.

Once you have established whether you're warm or cool you can start to pick the right hues for yourself. If you are warm, you will look best in orange-reds and corals. If you are cool (like myself) you will want deep rich reds and purplish reds.  A little side note: The more "cool" undertones your lipstick has, the whiter your teeth look.

I have to say though, right now there is a plethora of fun lipstick colors available. It's good to stick to these rules, but loosely. Don't be afraid to try out a new color because it doesn't fit your skin tone requirements. Have fun and take risks :) The other great thing is, if you don't like the color after a couple uses, almost any cosmetic store/department with refund you!! There is really no risk involved :)

Here are a few of the red lipsticks I've been playing with lately

P.S. How cheesy are these pics? Sorry, I'm lame :D

This one is Maybelline ColorSensational "Red Revival." I bought this one at a Dollar Tree and I think it is my favorite. It has a slight shine to it and is super smooth. It also doesn't bleed like a few of the others do.

The second one is Jordana Matte "Scarlet Red." I bought it at a Food 4 Less for $1.19! Talk about a deal and in such and unsuspected place! This one is a very rich red but doesn't stay on as long as the Maybelline.

The third lip color is Wet n Wild #519A.... apparently color unknown :D I bought this at WinCo, (I find make up in the weirdest places) it was only a buck! Again, I like the color but this one rubs off quicker and bleeds slightly.

The fourth color is L.A. Colors "Luscious Wine." I picked it up at one of the 99 cents only stores. It goes on really smooth and is almost as rich in color as the Maybelline.

Lastly, this one is more of a magenta than a true red, but I like it just the same. The brand is Black Radiance "Queen of Hearts." I picked it up at a Rite Aid and it is part of a cosmetic line for African American women. I love how vibrant the color is and it lasts quite a while.

All in all, I love all of them, especially since none of them cost over $3.00 a piece! I urge you to try out a bright red if you haven't. Red lips instantly make you feel more sexy!! ;)

For more color choices:
Here is a link that shows a variety of Red lipsticks and categorizes them by undertone

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{DIY} Printed Wedges

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Inspiration:

Ever since I caught the DIY fever, I look at fashion in a whole different light. Instead of seeing something I love and being bummed that I can't afford it, I think "how can I make it?" I apparently have inspired my mom too, because she is always calling me with new ideas of what I should create. I'm going to be honest, not all her thoughts are winners or even feasible for that matter.... but the one today was all her idea and I am pretty stoked about it.

My mom called me a few weeks ago and pitched her idea on how to transform a boring wedge into one with a cool pattern. Her idea was simple and seemed rather easy to complete. Just glue fabric to the bottom of a wedge.... done.  I immediately saw the simplicity of it and was a little bummed I hadn't thought of it myself ;)

This project was fairly simple as soon as I solved my pattern making problems... follow along below:

I started with a pair of thrifted wedges. I bought them for two reasons, 1) Because they're cute 2) I figured the smoothness of the wooden bottom would be easiest to have fabric adhere to.

I also picked up this gray cheetah print skirt.  I have seen a ton of jeans with this print, so I wanted to make a shoe ;)

My biggest obstacle in covering the shoe was figuring out the dimensions of the bottom. It's wonky and really had me stressed for a bit. I never took pattern making in school... but I have some pretty good critical thinking skills :D. I decided to cover the bottom with masking tape and then peel it off to reveal a pattern :)

Make sure you peel the tape all at once so it comes off in a big sheet

After I made my "pattern" I cut the skirt and laid the tape sticky side down.

I cut around the pattern leaving about a centimeter extra all the way around. I wanted to have a little wiggle room in case the fabric moved. (You can leave more room if you choose, it actually might be easier when cutting the excess later).

I cut two pieces of the fabric using the same pattern. They are the same size, but I took the picture at an angle :/

Next, I just winged it (like usual) I started at the heel and put down some glue (liquid stitch is my glue of choice). I tried to center my fabric as best as possible and then hoped for the best.

I smoothed out each part at I glued so I didn't have any lumps

After the back of the heel was secure I glued down the sides. Notice I did not cover the entire heel with fabric. I was originally going to, but I decided I liked the way it looked only covering part of the heel. Also maker sure you glue the edges really well, that's where the peeling can take place.

After I glued down all the fabric I had a little left over on the top and bottom. I took an X-Acto knife and very carefully cut off the excess.
Here is the End Result!!

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