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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Music is a crazy phenomenon that touches everyone. Despite your age, race, gender or income level, music has touched you in some way. Every one has at least one song that can transport them back to a moment in time. I feel like Music is one of the truest art forms and the one most universally recognized.  I have never met someone who hates music, and claims they've never been touched by lyrics.

Now, I am no musician nor do I even claim to have good taste in music, but I like anyone else, am able to hear a tune and remember an exact moment in time. I don't plan on recounting my life to you through song, but I have listed a few tunes that have made my life's playlist. The songs I have listed are all related to my husband because he's the one who really opened me up to new music. Before him, all I ever listened to was country, and how boring is that?!?

Let's start in 2001, I was a sophomore and my Husband a senior. We didn't date back then, but we were pretty good friends. He was a sweetheart and would drive me to lunch, he'd take me home after school, and we went to various high school functions together. If I have to pick one song that reminds me of that 17 year old reckless boy in his cobalt blue Camaro... it would have to be Nelly "Ride with Me."  Isn't that ridiculous? I don't know what the appeal of Nelly was back then. Brett used to 'bump it,' is that still what the kids call it these days? He had after market speakers and apparently Nelly had good bass. As silly as that music seems to me know, it still puts a smile on my face and reminds me how we began so long ago. Who would have known 12 years later we'd be married.

The next part of our soundtrack contains some Dave Matthews Band. Brett is a HUGE Dave fan and consequently turned me onto him in 2005. He gave me his Some Devil Album and I listened to it on repeat the whole time he lived in Chicago and I lived in California. It was such a bittersweet album and it still makes me sad to think about how far away we lived for the first 8 months of our relationship. Truth is though, it was the best thing for us, we learned good communication.

The next artist Brett introduced me to was Jack Johnson. I love that singer song writer vibe, so Jack is right up my alley. Brett actually gave me his iPod when we first started dating, and he had every Jack Johnson song on it. Although I love almost every Jack song, "Better Together" is the best one. It also happens to be the song Brett and I had our first wedding dance to. The lyrics are Engraved on Brett's wedding ring... "It's not always easy, but it's better when we're together." Yes, that long ass sentence is on his ring :D

Moving on to a little Kanye West... Now, I know Kanye is a big fat douche these days (maybe he always was) but Brett used to listen to him religiously. You see Kanye used to go to Chicago State (where Brett went to school too) and his mom was a teacher there. Brett brushed elbows with him a couple times, even got to hear him record in a studio on campus. Kanye's Graduation Album has really become my Chicago soundtrack. Kanye's music embodies that whole Chicago vibe, and listening to "Homecoming" puts me right back on LSD (Lake Shore Drive). I have a special place in my heart for Kanye's earlier music, but man I do not like his more recent stuff :/

Brett and I have spent a lot of time together in the car. I would say we have spent at least 10% of our relationship in a car. We have driven back and forth from IL to CA 4 times. We also simply enjoy road trips, so we take them quite frequently. One car ride though stands out vividly. We were moving back from Chicago and it was the Fourth of July. Brett and I were driving the 40 through Oklahoma. It was dusk and a huge storm was brewing. We we descending down a hill into what looked like a giant fish bowl. The sky at the bottom of the hill was a deep turquoise blue and then there were huge black thunderclouds overhead. Such an extraordinary sight. I was scanning the radio for any type of music and I ended up on a classical station. Once we hit the bottom of the hill, night fell and the clouds disappeared. We could see firework shows begin across the plains. Then a classical rendition of "Yankee Doodle" came on.  As we continued to drive the station continued to play various classical forms of "Yankee Doodle," and we continued to see towns for miles away all light fireworks. I don't know if you've ever been through the Midwest, but there is nothing for miles in most places. Your eyes can see forever it seems. And so, we listened to at least 7 different versions of "Yankee Doodle" and watched over 15 different firework shows. Hands down, coolest Fourth of July ever.

The final song making our soundtrack (for now) is Blink 182 "I miss you." I happen to love when my husband sings to me. He doesn't have the most amazing voice in the world, but he's good and much better than I am. Since we began dating, I have always asked him to sing to me. He hates it, but does it anyways. So, one Valentine's Day, while we were in Chicago he recorded himself singing Blink 182's "I miss you." He changed the lyrics and put together this cute little song for me. I happen to be bartending that night and didn't get home until 3am. When I got home I was exhausted and angry because I hated my job. Before Brett would let me go to sleep he made me "open" his present. Now, we didn't have much money so we never really got each other anything big. He made me close my eyes and he pressed play on our stereo. When his voice came on, I just laid on the ground sobbing. It was the sweetest thing, and I even tear up thinking about it. I have an amazing husband, and it's moments like that one that remind me what's important in life ;) P.S. he forbid me from sharing the song with all of you.

There are a million other songs that remind me of specific times in my life, but these are the major ones. We are still growing our soundtrack and I look forward to every new lyric!

What is on your soundtrack?

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Metallic Houndstooth

Monday, October 29, 2012

Before I begin this post, you should know I have an addiction to blazers. I own over 20 different blazers and I always find myself eying the latest styles. It doesn't help that blazers at my local Goodwill sell for $6, how do you say no? Anyways, getting back on track, I stumbled upon this gem over a year ago and I could not pass it up! To be honest, it's not entirely my style, it's a little mature for my taste, but I could not walk away from a metallic J Crew houndstooth blazer, that was just out of the question.

This is the first time I have actually worn this blazer out of the house. I don't know why, I just haven't found anything I really wanted to wear it with? Do you have garments like that? Great pieces that in theory are wonderful, but you can't figure out how to wear them? Well, the obvious answer for this blazer would have been to throw it on with some jeans. I guess it just hasn't been my biggest priority. I decided I would finally take it out into the world and I thought it was very appropriate for work. Since the blazer is a little boxy I paired it with a high-waisted pencil skirt. I really hope that I find new ways to style this blazer, because after all, it's super cute!

Total Outfit Cost: $58.91
Estimated Retail: $390.90

brand: J Crew
purchase price: $5.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail: $198.00

brand: H and M
purchase price: $5.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail: $14.95

brand: Liz Claiborne
purchase price: $7.99
purchased from: Ross
estimated retail: unknown (bought them years ago)

brand: unknown
purchase price: $6.00
purchased from: Plato's Closet
estimated retail: unknown

{palm bracelet}
brand: Slimskii
purchase price: $22.95
purchased from: Slimskii
estimated retail: $22.95

brand: Dolce Vita
purchase price: $9.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail: $100.00
*Note these are the most dangerous shoes I wear. I swear I am going to break an ankle on day!

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Fall Florals

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I realized I have developed an attraction to floral prints in the last couple of years. To be honest, this epiphany surprised me a lot. I mean, I was the little girl who refused to wear a dress up until my 13th birthday, and after that it was still pretty rare. So, the fact that I have purchased over 11 different floral garments, the most girly print ever, is kinda odd. On the other hand, I usually don't question my fashion intuition, I just go with it...

Floral prints are usually reserved for spring and summer, but this season, we've seen the birth of "fall florals." As far as I can tell all a fall floral is, is a darker color palette. Most of the fall floral prints I have seen are black, white, gray or deep earth tones. I wasn't sure I was going to partake in this trend, but when I found this vintage blouse at the thrift store, I figured I'd give it a go. I decided to pair this blouse with my awesome new peplum skirt. I am obsessed with peplums and I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot of this skirt in the near future!

Total Outfit Cost: $65.95
Estimated Retail: $290.00

brand: Dony Huei
purchase price: $4.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail: unknown

{peplum skirt}
brand: Candies
purchase price: $21.99
 purchased from: Kohl's
estimated retail: $34.00

brand: unknown
purchase price: $7.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail: unknown


brand: unknown
purchase price: $2.00
purchased from: Plato's Closet
estimated retail: unknown

brand: unknown
purchase price: $5.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail:unknown
*If you know what brand this bag is, please enlighten me*

brand: Nicole
purchase price: $22.99
purchased from: Ross
estimated retail: $150-200

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Sunday Around the Table: Low Calorie Oatmeal Pancakes

Yes, I know last week was a Gluten Free recipe, and this week is "Low Cal." I'm not a health nut (I wish I was), but I have a massive sweet tooth, so I love anytime I find a healthier alternative to junk food. Recently, I stumbled upon a pancake recipe from the Biggest Loser. My In-Laws have been making a similar pancake for years, so the recipe didn't sound too crazy to me. This recipe omits egg yolks which are high in cholesterol and it doesn't call for flour (less carbs!). Instead, the rolled oats help lower cholesterol, and they are high in fiber! The Egg whites and cottage cheese are high in protein too! Don't let the health benefits scare you, these cakes are delicious!! They are probably the best pancake I've ever had and I will not be eating the old fashion ones ever again!! If you want to get crazy, you can even put the batter in the waffle maker.



In a blender, blend all ingredients until smooth (I use the Magic Bullet, it's much easier to clean than the blender). Heat a griddle or large non-stick skillet over medium-low heat. Spray with non-stick cooking spray. For each pancake pour 1/4 cup of batter onto griddle. Flip when they start to bubble and cook until golden brown on both sides. Makes about 10 pancakes.

Number of Servings: 3

Nutritional Info Per Serving:
181 Calories, 2.7g Fat, 10mg Cholesterol, 361mg Sodium, 20g Carbs, 2.8g Fiber

I didn't change anything from the original recipe, but there are a lot of variations you can do. My In-laws do not blend the batter, so if you like it chunky that's one less step! They also add raisins and nutmeg to their batter. I want to try it with some blueberries, bananas, strawberries, or even chocolate chips! The recipe is great on it's own, but there are a ton of ways to switch it up!

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The "IT" List: Oct 26, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

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the IT list is brought to you weekly by Jill of Good Life and edited by Michelle of Second Street East.
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Los Angeles Fashion Week: Madisonpark Collective

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Last week was a major week for fashion in Los Angeles, it was LA's version of Fashion Week. Although the grandeur of LA fashion week isn't anywhere close to that of New York, Milan or Paris, it is still the place to be for fashion lovers alike. I personally have never attended fashion week in any city, but through some trial and error, I figured out how to RSVP for some of the shows. I had plans to attend 4-5 shows last week, but I developed an overwhelming head cold. I was only able to attend one show, but hey that's better than none!

Next year I will definitely do better and who knows, maybe I'll make some appearances at some of the other Fashion Weeks that happen around the country or world... who knows what the future holds ;)

I was honestly really bummed though that I couldn't bring you more coverage from LA fashion week, but then Mr. Trey Alligood III sent me an email with a ton of images from his show that I missed! I was so excited to see all his garments, and the images are much better than I could have ever captured!

So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the Madisonpark Collective Spring/Summer 2013 collection. The man behind this collection is Trey Alligood III. Trey was a Broadway star before he turned to men's fashion nine years ago. I have to say, I am pretty clueless when it comes to men's fashion, it all looks like jeans, tees and jackets to me. I don't see the diversity or the intrigue from it, but I am trying to learn.

When I was looking at Madisonpark's recap of the show last week, I have to say, for the first time I was actually captivated by menswear. The clothing in this collection looks wearable and it actually looks like heterosexual men would wear it! I'm sorry, but I really don't understand the metro-sexual male very well, seeing as how the only man in my life lives in flip flops and shorts. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE for my husband to have better fashion sense, and I'd love to be able to convince him to dress better, but the problem is, he thinks designer men's fashion is for gay men.  My husband is in constant fear that my fashion choices for him are going to get him hit on in West Hollywood (I'd laugh if that did happen). Back to Madisonpark, this collection is truly something I could see my husband and all my guy friends wearing (gay and straight)!

To quote the press release:

"This season, the collection is entitled "Breaking Free"... The inspiration stems from the hard times we have all faced in the last few years, and the hope that spring, will be the dawn of a new beginning. Supima cotton, open weave knits, fine gauge cashmere, lightweight chambray fabrics and soft pastel colors symbolize that hope.  Geometric prints symbolize a new structure for the future, and heavily washed distressed denim symbolizes the hardships, pain, struggles we have endured, and the passion and determination it's taken to get us where we are today."

My favorite aspect of this collection was the overall lightness of the it. I love the largely pastel color palette and the airiness of the fabrics. My husband's top requests in clothing, is that, they be soft and not restricting. I would bet money I could get him into 90% of the collection, excluding the pink jeans and tank tops :D I also love that Madisonpark Collective is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles. I am a big supporter of local products!

Here are some highlights from the show....

If you're curious, Madisonpark Collective can be purchased at Ron Herman, Fred Segal, Atrium NYC, Planet Blue, Halls, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Saks, and numerous boutiques worldwide as well as

What do you think of the collection?
How wearable do you think it is for everyday men?

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Hooker Motel

Monday, October 22, 2012

So, I'm sure the title of this post has captivated you and you're dying to hear more...

Well, I happen to live across the street from a motel. It's a very odd place in my opinion for a motel... in the middle of a residential neighborhood. I have never been inside the motel, but I see a family who either lives there or owns it, or both. They have a couple kids who are always outside and they keep the grass cut. Other than that I no nothing about the business that is across the street from my place of residence.

I think at one point my husband walked over there to ask what they're rates were and they said $40/night, which is super cheap! Leading me to my next assumption....

A few months back, my girlfriend and I spotted what looked to be a cross dressing hooker standing on the lawn outside the motel. There were no kids out that day thank God. This individual was in a skimpy dress, high heels and a choker around her/his adam's apple. This individual stood on the street for over an hour, waiting for who knows what.

I had never experienced this before at the motel and I haven't since, but I began to put all the pieces together. Here are all the clues why I think it's a Hooker motel:
1. Placement. It's in a rather disclosed location
2. Price. Motel 6 isn't even as cheap at $40/night
3. Advertising. The sign indicates  A/C, HBO and ESPN. All these things are very attractive to male suitors. A/C because they're probably going to work up a sweat, HBO, because it has nudity and ESPN because men need to recover with some sports after they may or may not have contracted a disease from a call girl....

4. The last piece of evidence, the hooker. I am 99% sure that my friend and I spotted a legit hooker that day, and the other 3 clues confirm, that I in fact live next to a hooker motel.

Wanna come visit? Total Outfit Cost: $91.95
Estimated Retail: $224.97

brand: Denim Blvd.
purchase price: $17.99
purchased from: Windsor
estimated retail:$17.99

{denim shirt}
brand: Mudd
purchase price:$23.00
purchased from: Kohl's
estimated retail:$40.00

brand: unknown
purchase price: $1.99
purchased from:eBay
estimated retail:unknown

brand: KDNY
purchase price:$4.00
purchased from: Plato's Closet
estimated retail: $95.00

brand: Mossimo
purchase price:$5.99
purchased from:The Goodwill
estimated retail:$14.99

brand: unknown
purchase price: $3.99
purchased from:The Goodwill
estimated retail: unknown

brand: Brash
purchase price:$34.99
purchased from:Payless Shoes
estimated retail:$34.99

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Real v. Steal: Jeffrey Campbell Platform Booties

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I have been noticing platform booties everywhere lately. Last week when I attended the Gypsy Junkies show in LA, they used all Jeffrey Campbell footwear. Then, I watched the Project Runway season finale, and Fabio styled his models with these chunky platform ankle boots as well.

I stated a few months ago, that taupe booties were on my wishlist for fall. My husband thinks they're hideous, but I wouldn't mind a pair for myself. My only concern is that, they're pretty high, and I might roll an ankle....

I found this Jeffrey Campbell pair at Nordstrom, and they're not too badly priced actually. If you however are on a really tight budget, check out this Qupid pair from Zoo Shoo.

How do you feel about the platform trend lately? 
Will you be investing in any?

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