DIY Printed Graphic Tee

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

There is no way you could have missed this new trend of graphic print animals on sweaters this season. Every retailer has their own version. I have seen deer, foxes, owls, cats, penguins... you name it, someone made one. This trend is one I have been watching from afar and I didn't know if I wanted to jump on the bandwagon or not.

Then, I had an epiphany the other night that I could simply create my own graphic printed tee! I must warn you, this is not the best DIY tutorial I have ever written... I kinda just winged it. I have pretty decent artistic skills so I free hand drew the image and then painted it. In hindsight, I would have made a few more adjustments to the process.... Let's see what I created...

So, let me recap what is in front of you. I started with the image of that adorable sweater from Forever 21. I then dug around in my pajama drawer for this old tee. Instead of a piece of cardboard, I used a paper bag from Trader Joe's. I just happened to have a bottle of black acrylic paint laying around too. If you're a crafter, like myself, you probably don't have to look far for any of these materials! Then, I free hand drew the cat face onto the tee.  *Suggestion* I should have printed out an image from the internet and traced it... probably would have come out a little straighter. On a positive note, it now has that one in a million feel.

Before I painted my image, I watered down the paint a little so it would make cleaner lines. Thick paint is hard to manipulate so by thinning it out, it's easier to work with. After I painted my image I let the shirt dry for over 24 hours, and then I tossed it into the washer and dryer on a delicate cycle. I washed it A) because I wanted the pencil marks gone and B) it helps the shirt look like it was screen printed instead of hand painted!

All in all, I was very pleased with the outcome. Like I said, I probably could have used a but more finesse in my execution, but I like to be reckless in crafting sometimes ;)

to see how I styled my DIY tee, click here!

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