Golden Globes 2013: Best & Worst Fashion

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I just finished watching the Golden Globes, and I couldn't wait to do a fashion recap for you! When I started out trying to write this post, I wanted to highlight multiple actresses in each category of Best and Worst dressed. What I found as I was watching the show (and surfing the web), is that there were so many good looks tonight, and not very many outstanding or atrocious looks. I guess that could be seen as a good thing, but I felt like everyone was playing it safe.... The other thing that made it difficult to pick best and worst dresses is that everyone was dressed in very similar styles. The three major trends of the night were, Lace, Red, and Mermaid gowns.

Picking just one best dressed lady was pretty hard for me tonight. There were so many 9's and it was hard to decide which one would be the 10. I love the simplicity of Anne Hathaway in Chanel, I loved the sexy appeal of Amy Adams in Marchesa, and I love the timeless beauty of Sally Fields in Alberta Feretti.

However, when I looked at all these beautiful women side by side, my favorite was Naomi Watts in Zac Posen. I doubt my choice for best dressed will be in line with other bloggers, because I went with a very classic look. I know there were a lot of others to choose from and I've already seen a ton of buzz around whatever Kate Hudson was wearing.

When I stop to choose a best dressed, I have to consider what I would want to wear. It was a chilly night in Los Angeles, so long sleeves were totally appropriate. I also love how she is completely covered up, and yet you can still see the sex appeal she exudes. She picked a color that was completely on trend, yet classic. Last but not least, I think she is styled to a T! Her hair, make up and jewelry are flawless and her gown is actually the right length. (There were so many celebs on the red carpet who needed their gowns hemmed, pet peeve!)

On the flip side, there was never a question about who the worst dressed of the evening was.... poor Jessica Chastain (in Calvin Klein). I would fire whoever dressed her tonight, it was horrendous. I love her as an actress, and I usually love what she wears, but it was a TOTAL miss tonight on all levels. The worst part, it was a huge night for her! It's different when you're just an attendee to an awards show but she was a nominee and won... in that hideous dress.

Let's painfully recap what is wrong about this look. First, the fit is entirely off! Her boobs do not fill the bust of that dress, seriously someone couldn't have taken it up behind her neck. Next, it's ill fitting in the midsection too, and it's too long, causing her to have to hold it up, only exacerbating how badly it fits around her tummy. It's just a train wreck. Then, there's the problem with her styling. Her hair is not flattering at all. She looks like she has a receding hairline and I think they should have left some hair around her face, or put it all up. In addition, can they give the girl some eyebrows?  Even the woman in the back is disgusted by this look. I feel so awful even writing these things, because she is so beautiful and this look does her no justice! The only silver lining is that when she goes on Fashion Police, she can reveal this as the worst look of her career. #sad

Moving on to more happier things.... the trend of the night. There were an overwhelming amount of leading ladies in mermaid frocks tonight. I love this silhouette because it really extenuates a woman's curves. Hell, even Taylor Swift looked voluptuous tonight. There was a lot of red and lace on the carpet, but the glaring trend was definitely sea inspired. I thought it was the year of the snake... maybe it's should be the year of the mermaid?
From Left to Right:
Hayden Panettiere in Roberto Cavalli
Megan Fox in Dolce and Gabbana
Amy Adams in Marchesa
Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen
Taylor Swift in Donna Karen
Jessica Alba in Christian Dior
If you want to see all the celebs from tonight's award show, head on over to huff post.

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Megan, said...

Agreed Naomi looked amazing and Jessica was just a no go..
Xo Megan,

Unknown said...

I love mermaid dresses. They show off curves so beautifully. Sofia Vergara, Juliana Hough, and Megan Fox were my favorites. And Sally Field was my best dressed in the "mature" category. She looked great.

I actually did not like Kate Hudson's dress AT ALL. None of it. Taylor Swift's dress was very pretty, but I was so distracted by her hair (didn't like it) that I'm just now taking in the splendor of her dress. Everyone on E! was raving about Kerry Washington's dress, but I didn't like it. And I totally agree with your worst dressed pick. She's so gorgeous; she could've done so much better.

I could write about this all day, but I won't, haha.


Jessica Bucher said...

Wow, you're quick!
I agree with you. But my favorite tonight was Michelle Dockery. She was so glamourous. And on that note...she should have won.

Unknown said...

I thought Jennifer Lopez's gown was beautiful! I am a fan of the mermaid trend.

Xoxo maria

Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

I loved Jessica Albas gorgeous!

XO Meghan

Jelli said...

I saw so many tweets about the GGs last night, but didn't watch. (We don't do TV). I always loved seeing the dresses. Thanks for sharing! Jessica Alba's is lovely. Visiting from Yolo Monday.

BRB said...

I agree that Jessica Chastain was amongst the worst dressed. Simply put, it just looked sloppy. My other picks for worst dressed are Sienna Miller in Erdem and Marion Cotillard in Dior.

I thought Nicole Kidman (in Alexander McQueen) looked stunning!!! I also loved Isla Fisher's Reem Acra and Jennifer Garner's Vivienne Westwood dresses, although I think Isla's make-up wasn't quite right and Jennifer was lacking in accessories.

Notable mentions are Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sally Fields. They prove that age is nothing but a number :)

Marlen said...

Hmm i think i feel the same way about playing it safe. I don't think that that was the intention or anything, i think they chose very classic gowns and colors. I think so many of them were absolutely beautiful, but I have to agree, I didn't really like Jessica Chastain gown! I know it's classic Calvin Klein and all that, but it was just meh to me. I didn't really like that loose ruffle along the neckline, but that color is so very pretty on her

Lindsey A. Turner said...

I loved Jessica Alba the best but I agree Naomi's dress was really pretty and weather appropriate- since it was so cold!


Chelsea Oliver said...

Totally agree with you! Amy Adams was the winner for me but I do love that sleeve and color on Naomi.


Lacey said...

I cringed for Jessica! How awful. I loved Anne Hathaway's dress. Beautiful.


Unknown said...

Jessica Chastain's dress color was PERFECT but the shape of the dress sucked. My best dressed was Zooe Deschanel and Kate Hudson, of course.

xo Ashley

Josie said...

Not a massive fan of fishtails to be honest! Aw I thought Jessica Chastain looked amazing xxx