{outfit post} Somewhere over the highway

Sunday, January 27, 2013

What do you think of my new layout design? When I started my blog, it was my intention to make it look like an upscale magazine at some point. That point is now. Although, I am not a web designer, I do have a tad bit of graphic design background so I am trying something new. I have been studying a multitude of fashion magazines for inspiration and I am very excited to give My Thrift Chic a more editorial feel! I would love to hear your feedback!

My husband and I shot these images last week right above the 101 freeway. It was reaching the height of rush hour traffic and everyone was honking at us. That is one thing I don't think I will ever get used to; the attention one receives when taking photos in public. I hate when people watch me and in LA everyone cranes their head to see if you're a celebrity. You would think that after 2 years and thousands of photos later, I would be more comfortable with it... but I'm not.

 P.S. I started my own YouTube Channel! Check out my most recent "haul" video HERE