Spring Trend Guide / 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

After I wrote my Color Trend Report last week, I quickly began putting together my Spring Trend Guide. I know the Spring/Summer runways took place last August and a lot of bloggers have already reported their findings. But if you're like me, you need a refresher course. You may have noticed some Spring fashion moving into retailers near you. It's that time of year when you are struggling to avoid frost bite and yet everywhere you look, someone is selling swimsuits.

I have put together my synopsis of the biggest Spring trends in 2013, and oh my word, there are so many! I have only featured 8 and there are at least 12 other "trends" depending on who classifies them. I chose to share these because they are the most unique, and honestly some of the other ones fall under into the same categories. For example, women's shorts suits are in, but that kinda falls under the Bermuda shorts category. Also high contrast black and white garments are in, but most of them resemble the Mod trend. Some of the trends not featured here are: floral, exaggerated silhouettes and large ruffles. I don't think those need much explaining though. Also, color will be huge this spring, so if you haven't read my Color Trend Report, I highly suggest you do so!

What is your favorite trend for spring? 
Are there any trends you will be staying away from?

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