All The Trimmings

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I was really excited when I found this brand new Forever 21 at my local Goodwill. It retails for almost $30 and I only paid $7.50! I am a big fan of leather, but faux leather can be a little tricky to wear. I have faux leather pants and I only wear them when it's really cold. I thought I would be able to wear this in warmer weather due to the minimal amount of leather trim. The problem arises that my arms get stuck to the sides of the dress and it's so obnoxious! I can only comfortably wear this with a cardigan or a jacket to keep my skin from directly touching the faux leather bodice. Another issue I have with this dress, like all Forever 21 dresses, is that it's pretty short. I hate that even the largest dresses there barely hide my booty. C'mon Forever 21, we're not all boy shaped, get with the program ;) On the flip side, this dress looks pretty awesome as long as you don't figure in the practicality of wearing it. P.S. I absolutely adore that vintage teal jacket with faux fur cuffs. It's been in my closet for years and I can never find anything to go with it. I am so glad it finally made an appearance!

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