My 70's Show

Saturday, February 2, 2013

This outfit is what I like to call a happy accident. I have a plethora of clothing, as you can imagine, but sometimes when I walk into my closet it feels like I have nothing to wear. Are you familiar with that feeling? It's completely illogical, but I'm pretty sure every woman feels that way at some point or another. When I stumbled upon this outfit, I was trying to grab something to run errands in and take my pups to the dog park (heels and the dog park, I know, stupid.. don't worry I put flats on later). Anyways, I view every outing (and every time I do my hair) as an opportunity for a blog post. So, this particular day I stepped into my closet and nothing was speaking to me. I would see a top and then couldn't imagine what would work with it, then I would find a skirt, and couldn't find a top to go with the proportions, yada, yada, yada.

Then, I saw this white and chambray blouse just staring at me. I've had this blouse for over a year and I have never worn it! The problem with this blouse, is that it has a draw string and it flares at the bottom. The shirt is just too long and awkward for my body proportions. I have big hips and a long flowy shirt makes me look wider, thus why I've never worn it. I started thinking though, if I tucked it into a pair of high-waisted trousers it would be a total 70's flashback. I don't have any high-waisted trousers (shame on me), but I do have these Mossimo mid-rise ones... so I'm working with what I got dammit.

Long story, long, I came up with this little 70's inspired look. And.. I got to show off my newest score, my Michael Kors bag. I have a big fat crush on Michael Kors, he sure knows how to dress a lady! I paid twenty bucks for that $358 gorgeous leather satchel... that's a 94% discount!!! Definitely one of my best deals to date!

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