Boxy in Black

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Did you know that Target and The Goodwill have been partnering for years? Target donates their old/overstock merchandise to Goodwill stores around the US. I found this blazer at a Goodwill a couple weeks ago, when I was out thrifting with my mom. I found 4 other Target originals as well! The blazer is a tad bit too big, but since exaggerated silhouettes are in for spring, I decided to buy it anyways. It's a great little cropped jacket, and hits right above my hips, which is the most desirable length for my height. I also decided to debut my new Steve Madden pumps today! I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I have been on a serious hunt for some strappy heels for the past 6 months. I found these amazing patent leather heels at Nordstrom, and I was able to use a gift card for them, major score! Do you ever go on "hunts" for specific items? I feel like once it's in my head, I can't get it out until I find it! Oddly enough, the trip that I found this blazer on, my baby sister got a hair up her behind to find a pair of thin hoop earrings. She seriously made my mom and I look at 5 different stores until she found them. She's 11... oh we really shouldn't indulge her. Guess it runs in the family.

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