Bright + Bold

Friday, March 15, 2013

TGIF!!! I know being unemployed should mean that I don't care about weekends, but I do! I feel stress during the week to network, apply for jobs and blog. Although, I don't totally sit on my ass during the weekends, I do feel a slight sense of relief. I have been pretty productive this week too!!

1. I met with my recruiter again and a temp agency rep. 
2. I've been working on some new business cards, something snazzy for Lucky FABB in a couple weeks! 
3. I am starting a blog hop, and getting everything ready for that (I emailed over 100 bloggers).
4.  I've been trying to do some new DIY's, but I am greatly lacking in inspiration/motivation. 
5. I went to see OZ the great and powerful with my hubs (loved it).
6. I am revamping the layout of my blog (still, I know) and adding some new "services" so stay tuned...
7. My girlfriends had us over for a make-your-own-pizza night. My girlfriend also read my tarot cards, because she just has those laying around LOL.. we had a blast to say the least. 

As for my weekend, I don't have any plans, so I'll thoroughly enjoy staying in my pjs all day ;) What are your plans for the weekend??

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