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Friday, March 22, 2013

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I AM SO HAPPY IT'S FRIDAY!! I have so much I want to share with you! So, I originally drafted this post yesterday morning, and it had a different tone. I was talking about how challenging my new temp position as an executive assistant was. However, yesterday at lunch everything came crashing down, and now I have a new perspective to share with you. This is a bit of a long story, but I promise there is a lesson for you in it ;)

It all started Tuesday afternoon when my recruiter called me about a 3 week temping job. It was for a big-wig in the business (that's what people in entertainment call all of the entertainment business). My recruiter told me the exec was "difficult." I was nervous, but I've had some really awful bosses in my day (I've had over 10 jobs since I was 15), so, I didn't think it was anything I couldn't handle. When I walked in, I realized the exec had already lost an assistant earlier in the week, and in the past year he hasn't been able to keep one longer than 3 months. I was instantly overwhelmed by the task list too. He is such an important individual in Hollywood and he works on big name projects, things like Spiderman. I immediately began to feel the weight of my tasks... you know I didn't want to screw up. The tasks were definitely learnable, it wasn't rocket science, but the exec.. he was too much to handle. Without going into full detail about everything, I once he blew up at the assistant training me (for doing her job mind you), that I was not the right fit for even this temp position. Now, I am not a quitter, but I am also not someone who is walked on, or allows disrespectful behavior. So, I spoke with my recruiter and the HR department and I resigned from my temp position. I was thankful that they were able to see my side, and that I was not simply being whinny. That man is very difficult to deal with, especially at only 30K/ year.  I am now back to being unemployed, but still looking for the right fit. The poor girl who has been temping on his desk for 50 days, was bummed she didn't speak up sooner. She has been getting yelled at daily, for things that are not her fault, and outside the scope of her job description. I think she envied my ability to understand my limitations and stand up for myself. So... there's your lesson, always be true to yourself. You are fully competent and capable, and no one should make you feel otherwise!

I kinda felt like a failure at first, because I could have done the job, and I could have dealt with this man, but at my age, I didn't want to. I feel like I have paid my dues and I shouldn't have to work for someone who treats me ill. This morning I woke up feeling more confident than ever! I was true to myself, I handle the situation very professionally and I am proud of myself for that! Sorry if that sounds cheesy, but 5 years ago, I would have either sucked it up and cried every night, or I would have just walked out.

Today, I am heading out of town for a wedding, and I am super excited about it! It will take place at a gorgeous winery in Central California, and we get drive up the pacific coast line to get there too! It should be an all around relaxing weekend! I'll be sure to post pictures next week :) I hope you all have a beautiful weekend, and please check out my Friday Finds, there are some really cute things up there!!

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Unknown said...

You should be proud! You shouldn't allow yourself to stay in a situation where you are not being treated the way you deserve to be for the hard work you are putting in. Kuddos!

ThriftyGirl51 said...

Good for you for standing up for yourself. Life is too short. No employer has the right to yell at and belittle employees no matter who they are. Love your Friday finds.

Jeans and a Teacup said...

What's wrong with that guy? You'd think that since he can't keep an assistant that he'd realize the problem is with HIM! What a jerk! haha... My husband works in "hollywood" and sometimes has to deal with people like that who think they are more important than they are. There are times when you just have to deal with it and other times where you just have to walk away! Good for you for sticking up for yourself!
Jeans and a Teacup

Unknown said...

That gradient bag!! And good for you for standing up for yourself :)

xo Ashley

Tori said...

That ombre bag is gorgeous!
Fashion, Trends & More

Carmen said...

Great blog post hearing about your sticky temping situation. We live and learn. I write this from across the oceans in Australia, where our workplaces are also sprinkled with tricky bosses (some good, some ugly, and some just horribly bad/nasty). Which is how I got to writing this blog - - and also becoming a thrift shop addict.