The Peach Kings

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Do you remember me raving about dressing up graphic tees a couple weeks ago? No, well you can read about it here. Anyways, I have been eyeing this trend, where celebs and fashion bloggers are using  graphic tees in a totally new way. When I think old band t-shirts, I think about pizza stains, greasy hair and alcohol seeping out of your pores. I do not or rather, I did not, imagine graphic tees could be so chic! I decided to try this this look out myself. I only have a couple graphic tees, so it was a no brainer to wear my Peach Kings tee. The Peach Kings are a local band here in Los Angeles, and are probably my favorite local band. Paige is the lead singer and she has amazing style too! Her music and her style have a retro vibe, and her talents are endless. She is also one of those true Hollywood stories. She moved out to LA from Texas and began working in tv production (with my husband). Her band eventually gained some momentum, and now they are truly making a name for themselves! My husband and I try to catch a show every time they're in LA. You should totally check out their music, I posted a video below :)

Meet The Peach Kings