White Picket Fence

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Isn't a white picket fence the epitome of Americana? I don't know who voted that the American dream included a white picket fence... my dream house either has no fences, or a giant wall where my neighbors can't see over lol. I am trying to sneak in a couple more wears on this top before it's too warm. This top is 100% cashmere; anything over 75 degrees, and it's sweaty pit city (that's should be the name of a band). I layered it over this Forever 21 dress, which has a sheer panel over the collar bone, but that's a whole other post ;) Recently, I have been trying really hard to rework my closet. Whenever I am feeling bored with my wardrobe, I start layering items that I wouldn't normally think to wear together. It's a great way to find new combinations you never even knew you had!

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