DIY Stripe Manicure

Sunday, April 21, 2013

As you may know, I am pretty obsessed with nail art. I love painting my nails and experimenting with new techniques. Recently, I discovered a tip using scotch tape. The idea behind this trick, is that you can paint with nail polish onto a piece of scotch tape, then cut it out and tape it to your nail. All you have to do then, is seal it with clear polish. It is such a simple trick and I have been experimenting a lot with it lately. I haven't made any crazy shapes, but I have been creating stripe patterns on my nails. See my full tutorial below!

1. Start by painting your nails whatever base color you want to use. I used white this time.

2. Take a piece of scotch tape and stretch it over the top of a glass. Make sure the tape is taught, and then use any nail polish color you like to paint the tape. Remember, you're painting the non-sticky side just in case you didn't already figure that out. It might take a couple coats depending on the thickness of your polish.

3. Allow the polish to dry. I let the tape sit for at least 20 minutes before I begin working with it.

4. Next, I take a really sharp pair of scissors and begin cutting thin strips. It is hard to get all the strips the same size, so don't worry if they're not all perfect.

5. I then place all my little strips around the rim of the glass so they are easy to pull off and place on my nails.

6. After you have cut all your strips, you can then begin placing them on your nails. For this tutorial I used a simple stripe pattern, but the possibilities are virtually endless!

7. Once you have placed the strip in the desired position, use your scissors (or nail clippers) to cut off the excess tape.

8. Remember once you have completed your design, use a clear polish to seal the tape on your nails!

Here is my final product!

And here is another version I did last week! You might recognize it from my Instagram pics!

Isn't this super easy!?! If you try this manicure trick, be sure to tag me in your Instagram pictures, I'd love to see what you come up with!

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