Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I was watching Jimmy Fallon the other night and his guest was the adorable Drew Barrymore. I love Drew,  America has watched her grow up on film, and despite her ups and downs through adolescence, she is still one of America's sweethearts! I have never met Drew, but she seems like she is as genuine in person as she is on screen. Drew has taken a break from acting lately to product and direct, she also has her own wine label, and her most recent venture, a make up line. I had no idea Drew had been so busy with all her behind the scenes projects! As I watched her on Fallon, I was capivated by how she spoke about her new make up line. She explained to People how she has literally grown up in a make up chair, "I’ve been sitting in a makeup chair since I was 6 years old, and I love how aspirational those rooms are. I’ve seen women empower and transform themselves." I also appreciated the point she made about make up being affordable. She explained on Fallon that she created a whole new business model in order to share designer formulas at a budget price. She also told People  " I banged my head against the wall trying to figure out how to do things different. We're doing prestige formulas at mass. That’s what people deserve. I spent as much of my time testing pigments and shades as I did fighting price points. We didn’t put money into marketing, we're putting everything into the formulas and therefore into people’s hands."  I feel that it's so easy for people with money to create new lines, be it fashion, make up or food, that cater to the wealthy. I love that Drew, is thinking about the masses, and the economic climate. I mean, who can afford $40 mascara? I certainly can't! 

Drew's new line is called Flower Beauty, and it is sold Exclusively at Walmart Stores and Walmart.com. Everything in her line is under $15 and you can be confident that she found the richest pigments and best tools for you. Her line contains lip liners, lip butters, lip crayons, eye shadows, mulitple types of mascaras, concealers, bb creams, powders, nail polish, eye liners, primers, and I'm sure I've left some of the items out (there are 181 products in her line)!! I stopped at a Walmart as soon as I heard about the line, but sadly they were all sold out. We don't have many Walmarts around the LA area, so I'll have to order online, but I am dying to try her products. 

Drew shared some of her beauty tips with Katie Couric too:

Tip #1 Apply water-resistant lipliner to outline lips and fill in most of lips under lipstick or gloss for true staying power!

Tip #2 In a hurry? Instead of applying foundation all over the face, apply to areas that you want to brighten & lighten (under eyes, around your nose and outer corner of your eyes)

Tip #3 (Regarding her lip butters) Apply over lipstick to create your own custom lip color!

Tip #4 (Regarding her liquid eyeliner) The more you use it, the more flexible the tip gets-go from razor thin to full on cat eye with one stroke!

Tip #5 Use lipstick as a cheek color on the go!

P.S. I originally wrote this post on Monday, but today I had the amazing opportunity of hearing Drew speak at Lucky FABB! She is a DOLL!!! I seriously want to be BFF's with her! Drew told us all about Flower Beauty today, and everything I wrote above is still 100% true, but I got a little more insider info from her. Drew explained how she has been stock piling old make up for years. She wanted to bring back her favorite products that have been discontinued over the years. Drew also mentioned that she began creating Flower while pregnant and thus she was trying every formula under the sun to cover all the awful effects pregnancy takes on your skin. But rest assured, if Flower can cover Drew's pregnancy mask, then it will cover your small blemishes ;) One last thing that Drew shared with us, is that her single most important beauty item is concealer. She said she could fashion blush from berries and eyeliner from ash, but she could never make her own concealer :D I am heading back to Lucky FABB again tomorrow, and I will have a whole update next week!!

Have you tried anything from Flower yet? 
What are you favorite items?


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WhatJeanLikes said...

You got to hear her speak? I'm so jealous!! I love the line of cosmetics she created even though I have to order it online. Love the rose gold accents and the packaging and pigments are fab. The only thing is the shiny lipstick's cover falls off a lot in my purse but I still love it.

Unknown said...

I love the post. Saw you @ FABB today, your just as cute in person


Dressing Up For Me said...

Drew´s so pretty and fab at the same time! Thanks for sharing us her tips and I usually do tip no. 5( in the car when we´re traveling) when I forget to put on my blush on: ;)

Moonofsilver said...

Drew is SO CUTE! I love her. Awesome tips!

KT said...

Gosh, your spam is as bad as mine!
I love Drew Barrymore and I didn't know anything about this new line of make-up. I think it is so awesome! She is such a savvy business woman and I hope this will be super successful for her. I'm going to go to Wal-Mart tonight to check it out!

Unknown said...

Love it. Drew Barrymore is so cute. I loved her on Oprah. She was too cute. I like that her products are affordable. I wish they were organic though.



Haus of Style said...

How are you my dear! Drew is such a natural beauty, I love her!