Friday Finds: Color Blast

Friday, April 19, 2013

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As you my know, high chroma clothing and accessories are available across all retailers. Up until a few years ago, my closet mainly consisted of neutral colors, including A LOT of black and gray. I started branching out in my mid twenties and began incorporating more color. If someone was to step into my closet right now, A) it's really hard to move in, but B) I have fully branched out and I have pretty much something in any color ever woven. I am still building my personal color story, and as of this moment, I am obsessed with bright yellows, oranges and blues. I am not a huge fan of wearing multiple bright colors within a single ensemble... but if that's your thing, rock it! 

In other news, I am heading to Vegas after work tonight! Our friends are getting married tomorrow and it should be a great time! Do have any plans for the weekend?