Lucky FABB West 2013 Recap

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, you already know, that I attended my first ever Lucky FABB last week. I watched last year, as all of my blogger idols live tweeted from the Annenberg in Santa Monica, and I knew I had to go to this year's conference! I have to start off by telling you what an amazing experience Lucky FABB was for me. I have been to other conferences and even the mention of the word makes me sleepy, but I was fully engaged the entire time I was there. I struggled with not having enough time actually. I wanted to tweet things, but I also wanted to socialize with everyone, and then I didn't want to miss a single panel discussion! I tried to squeeze it all into two days, and I'm sure I missed a few things. I plan on attending the next Lucky FABB so I can learn to balance it all better. It was such a pivotal moment in my blogging career, I had to recap it. Be warned this will be lengthy, but I have so many things I want to share!! Also, full disclosure, these are not my images, I forgot my camera BOTH days, ugh!! All images are properly linked though! 

 Let's begin with Day One, I was crazy nervous about what to wear, how I would spark new conversations with perfect strangers, would me feet hurt all day from my 5 inch wedges... so many things were going through my mind! Once I got to the SLS in Beverly Hills, my worries were assuaged, I hated what I wore, but the conversations all happened organically. I met some really awesome fellow bloggers, and we quickly realized we were all in the same boat! Day One was a a day for keynote speakers/panel discussions, and it kicked off with Kelly Osbourne. 

Kelly is one of my favorite celebrities, I love her fashion sense, and her ballsy attitude. Kelly spoke about her life, her fashion, and her inspiration. One of my favorite things Kelly told us was about her "friends test." She said she will purposely put on something that clearly does not work, and is not flattering. She will then ask her "new friend" if it looks good. If they do not tell her the truth, she said  "then they're not really my friend." I also loved Kelly's rules for shopping, she said you only need to spend high dollars on "your shoes, your handbag and a good blazer. Everything else can come from Zara." And true to form, she was dressed in head-to-toe in Zara with a Karl Lagerfeld baseball jacket and Stella McCartney pumps.


Other notable speakers on Day One were Hillary Kerr (Who What Wear), Erin Wallace (Crossroads Trading), Geri Hirsh (Because I'm Addicted), Emily Schuman (Cupcakes and Cashmere), and many, many more. All the speakers had a similar message on Day One: Be patient, be passionate, let your traffic/blog develop organically, listen to your readers, and be true to who you are. None of the things I heard on Day One were earth shattering, but it was a point of reference, that we're all in the same boat, and we're all navigating these waters together. Blogging didn't take off until 2009 really, so even the veterans are still carving their own path. Tina Craig, from the Bag Snob was hilarious by nature, and she reminded us to never follow another's path. Tina also shared her 10,000 hour rule, that "after 10,000 hours of doing something, you're now an expert."

So no, on Day One I didn't find the key to the blogging universe, but I did find a support group, who's message was simple, keep pushing forward. 

The highlight of Day One for me was hearing Drew Barrymore speak. I just did a little overview of her new makeup line, Flower Beauty last week. Drew is just as captivating in person as she is onscreen. She discussed her career, her projects and juggling mommy-hood. She was a total sweetheart and such a genuine soul. The perfect way to end the day in my opinion!

Day Two was just as jam packed as Day One, but there were so many more technical components to wrap my head around. Day Two, we were able to choose which break out session we wanted to attend. Of course, I chose the most mind boggling ones! I'll recap each session below:

1. How To Pitch: Andrea Choa, Director of Advertising at GUESS, reminded us that we need a laser  sharp pitch when we're trying to get a brand's attention. She suggests a strong POV, a poignant mission statement and to fully understand who you are, and what you bring to the table. I will definitely be reevaluating myself/blog and creating a concise mission statement.  

2. New Ways To Monetize: Elise Loehnen, Editor in Chief at Beso, and David Weinrot, Chief Marketing Officer of Shopzilla, walked us through all the various ways to monetize our blogs. They discussed a variety of affiliate marketing sources, and gave us some jumping off points. I have already looked into affiliate marketing, but it can be so confusing, and they simplified it further for me. 

3. Grow Your Traffic: This session, was the most packed session of the entire conference. Every blogger wanted to know how to increase their numbers. All roads lead to great content and powerful SEO's. We also learned a lot of technical stuff from, the Search Demand Curve, to Keyword tools, to Algorithms, and so on and so forth. I will be processing this information for months to come!

4. Digital Entrepreneurs: The last session, was a panel discussion with the VP of marketing for Hello Society, the CEO/Founder of Tradesy, CEO/Founder of StyledOn, and Founder of Uncovet. All these individuals have found great success in the digital marketplace. They all shared a little about their own success stories. They spoke about the diligence and resilience it takes to become a digital entrepreneur, and how to get investors once your blog is profitable. 

By the end of Day Two, my brain was busting at the seams. I think I temporarily forgot my own address, just trying to compensate for the amount of information I had received. Truth be told, I am still processing it all. The entire conference was one of the most extraordinary experiences I've ever had. I have never been surrounded by so many like minded individuals and the level of talent in the room was palpable! I wish I could attend every Lucky FABB, and I will most definitely make it to every one on the West Coast. I am recharged and ready to grow my blog even further!! I highly recommend attending a future Lucky FABB to everyone! 

This is my Day One outfit, with my "I'm really nervous, I can't make a normal face" look.

This is the gift bag all the attendees received! There were over 40 different products, and I'm pretty sure it's valued higher than the actual cost of the conference! I have so many new things to try!!

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