New Job Update!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Yesterday I completed day 8 at my new job! I am the Exec Assistant to the CEO, who is really cool and she handles most of her own things. My job is to make sure her calendar is set, and she is on track. However, I am not used to this 9-6 schedule. I am used to having the freedom to go to the bank if I needed, or stop by a thrift store on my lunch break. This new job confines me to a desk, 44 stories high... I am not complaining by any means, but it is a huge adjustment for me. I think I struggle most with not being able to blog. I feel like a Mom who has to drop her kid off at daycare for 9 hours, then when she gets home she's too tired to do anything but feed the baby. Confession: there were four days last week I didn't even open my dashboard. In two and a half years, I haven't gone one day without checking my blog stats! I feel lost in this new adjustment. I am so thankful to have a job, and a good job at that! But I am struggling to find the balance with my blog too. I also need to train myself to require less sleep. One of the execs told me yesterday that "sleep is overrated." I am a woman who likes her sleep. I prefer a full 8 hours every night, but the truth is, I don't have 8 hours to spare anymore. I need to learn how to function off of 5-6 hours.

Now that I have given you my woes, I will tell you the really cool parts about my new job! As I mentioned, It is on the 44th floor in Downtown LA. I can see all of Los Angeles from my desk (well, standing not sitting). On a clear day, "clear" being the optimum word, I can see the Pacific Ocean, the Hollywood sign, Griffith Park Observatory, and all the other little specks of life bustling around the LA Basin. The company is a tech company so they have followed business models like those of Google and Yahoo. They have game rooms, with pool tables and ping pong, which you can use at your leisure. They have a full kitchen stocked with snacks, sodas, and a fancy cappuccino maker. They cater free lunches every Friday and they have various other perks! Not a bad place right? There is quite a bit of freedom for their employees it seems, but I am still figuring out my place. I'm sure you will hear much more about this new venture of mine for weeks to come.

My First Day!

The View to the East
The View to the West

Some random art piece. There are tons of these around downtown.

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