Friday Finds: For the not-so-avid-hiker

Thursday, May 16, 2013

 I hope you enjoyed the title/theme of this week's Friday Finds. I assume anyone who is looking for hiking gear on my blog, is not an avid hiker and if they are, they probably already own what they need, lol. No, my post is for that spontaneous weekend hiker aka glorified picnic seeker. I am that girl. I hike occasionally, and it's usually short distances and involves food or water at the end. There are a lot of good places to hike in LA, but sadly my husband and I do not take advantage of the trails as often as we should. I know Memorial Weekend is coming up and many will go camping (and maybe hiking). In case you need some new gear for your outdoor activities, check out the ones above! My personal favorites are the bargain priced New Balance shoes and the Rip Curl swimsuit top (which I would double as a sports bra)

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delovely details said...

Great finds! I am more of a runner, but I've been thinking of getting into hiking too. Maybe more for that "glorified picnic". But those headbands would be perfect for running too!

free style creating by Villy said...

I like your finds! A bagpac#6 is cool!

Unknown said...

I really need some athletic shoes! I have zero pairs :(

xo Ashley