Friday Finds: Wedding Gifts Under $100

Friday, May 31, 2013

Alright gals, I'm at the age where everyone I know is getting married, can you relate? In the past 5 years 75% of my acquaintances’ have gotten married or engaged.  Weddings are joyous occasions, but finding a great wedding gift is daunting. Most couples set up registries, and that can make it easier, but it’s still a difficult decision for most people. Personally, when I was creating a registry for my own wedding, it was hard to figure out what to even register for. My husband and I had been living together for 4 years, and we had almost every kitchen and bathroom appliance we ever needed.  We did end up getting some great gifts, but there is only a small handful that we use on a regular basis. If you’re like me and you hate waste and extra junk, you really want to give a well thought out gift, right? Well, I have done my best in this week’s Friday Finds to bring you quality, affordable and thoughtful wedding gifts. I don't normally list out why I picked every single Item on Friday Finds, but this week I think an explanation is in order.

1. A Couples Massage: After the months of stressful planning for a wedding, a massage is a great way to unwind, and especially if you get to do it together. On my honeymoon my hubby blessed me with a massage (while he took a dip in the hot springs) and it was so nice! I don't have a link for this due to geographical restrictions, but I'm sure you can Google something in your area (or theirs).

2. Personalized Robes: This might be my own preference but I wear a bath robe every day. Not one of those fleece ones either, but a real terry cloth. I use a robe as a towel essentially when I get out of the shower. I was not blessed with one as a wedding gift, but I would have loved one!

3. Food Processor: My in-laws bought us our cusinart food processor years ago, and it is such a useful tool! It is one of those things we probably wouldn’t have purchased for ourselves, but we are so glad we have it.

4. Lounge Chairs: Our friends and family do A LOT of lounging for BBQ’s, Pool time, or beach vacations. But most people don’t have great lounge chairs, or they never have enough. I think this is a great gift that most people never even think about. If you're worried about this seeming like a cheap gift, look for a couple tricked out chairs ;)

5. Glass Storage Containers: I know this is the epitome of practicality, but you can never have too much Tupperware.. I think. My in-laws bought my husband and I a set of glass storage containers with snap lids and they are the best thing ever! I love them because they keep everything air tight, they don’t stain and are easy to wash. They are also microwave safe, unlike those flimsy plastic ones! 

6.Monogrammed Throw/Quilt: I’m gonna take you Amish here, but I love blankets and we use them all the time in our home. I still have my favorite blanket from when I was a kid! I think blankets are one of those things that make us nostalgic and just give us good feelings. If you’re not a quilter, look for a great throw that will stand the test of time and will be a nice fixture in someone’s home for decades to come. Make sure it’s soft though too. Also, I would go the extra mile and get a personalized message embroidered on it.

7. Personalized Wall Art: I hate the typical picture frame gift, but I love unique creative art. I especially love this personalized collage from etsy. Depending on your creativity level, you could probably DIY this too!

8. Ice Cream Maker: We received an ice cream maker as a wedding gift, and my husband uses it at least once a month! I would imagine we will use it even more when we have little ones.

9. Tickets to a Theme Park: I have noticed a growing trend (due to the economy or lack of vacation time at work) that couples are prolonging honeymoons for months after the actual wedding. My husband and I are guilty as well. We only took a mini-vacation and are still planning for the big one (3 years later). I think a little getaway; even to Disneyland is a great gift for a new couple. It’s a getaway for them, that won’t cost them a lot time off, and will serve as a mini vacation.

10. Wine Club Membership: depending on the couple, monthly membership programs can be a great gift. Wine clubs are especially nice because the couple will receive a gift from you once a month for an entire year!

What are some of the best Wedding Gifts you've given or received??

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