Not Your Mom's Jeans

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jeans: Forever 21  // Blouse H&M (similar) // Booties: Forever 21(similar)  // Earrings: Thrifted // Ring: Street Fair (similar) // Bracelet: Wanderlust + Co

Let me set the record straight, high-waisted jeans are not mom jeans! Yes, they have similar attributes, but the tailoring is so much better these days. Old high-waisted jeans "mom jeans" often had pleats and completely covered your navel... giving you a glamorous camel toe. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want the foot of any animal in my crotchal region, lol. The high-waisted jeans I favor, hit me just below my belly button, and are free of any extra detailing on the front. I love the ones featured above because they only have a couple buttons on each side, and they have a slimming effect. 

I grew up in the era of low rise jeans, so low your goodies often hung out. So, I associate low rise jeans with what’s "young" and "hip", but my body is not that of a 15 year old anymore. I have womanly curves, which call for womanly jeans. I think that higher rise jeans are totally the way to go once you reach that age... the age where your beer belly, becomes your regular belly (sad face). The problem I have at this point in time, is that designers are simply not making high rise jeans in large quantities. I have found a few here and there, but overall we're still stuck with low-rise denim. There are very few high-waisted options (that I can find). The pendulum is swinging that direction, but it’s not swinging fast enough in my opinion! I found these jeans at the Goodwill, and they were a major score! I decided to pair them with a terracotta colored blouse and some platform booties for a very seventies feel. I love the 70’s, so I always take an opportunity to wear something inspired by that decade.


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Unknown said...

Very Cute.


Unknown said...

Love those shoes!

Chelsea Oliver said...

I agree about high-waisted jeans! I am absolutely IN LOVE with this look. I am still on the hunt for the perfect pair of high-waisted jeans so I'm totally jealous that you found these at Goodwill!


Unknown said...

Today I'm cohosting THE Bloglovin' Collective and I'm following you with pleasure!

Secure In Style said...

LOVE this look, Tori. The shoes are the perfect choice for this. Gives it just a bit of sass.

I hope you'll keep an eye out on my blog later today. I'll be featuring this as one of the looks I love today.


Unknown said...

I love the ENTIRE look! The heels are so pretty and those jeans are so fierce, the buttons and how they fit!

Xo Chelsea

Unknown said...

I LOVE those shoes!! Seriously killer! I'm a huge fan of Goodwill/Thrift store shopping!!

Thriftanista in the City said...

Big fan of high waist! Great find!

dani krum (love me, dani marie) said...

I am loving those high waisted jeans! I love that there is buttons on the side to break it up a little bit! Sucha a great find!!
Love Me, Dani Marie

Mo said...

Love these jeans! You scored a great deal. :-) LOL at camel toe. That is so not a cool look. uh uh no way. The jeans fit you well. Cute outfit!

Who is that girl Mo?

The Mrs. and The Momma said...

What a unique way to showcase your outfit and the pieces! I love the look great in those! Thanks so much for linking up with the BEST OF! Happy Weekend!
xx, Kristen

The Mrs. and The Momma