Organizing Small Spaces: Office Inspiration

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I complain about my lack of horizontal space in my apartment all the time. Living in a big city on a tiny budget, usually ends in this type of scenario. I have more than some, but less than I'd like. Notice I said "like" instead of "need." I don't need all the shit I have, I just happen to want it all. My apartment is under 800 square feet (I'd guess closer to 700 sq ft). It is an older building with rounded ceilings and weird doorways. My husband and I, just have too many things in our little apartment. It is NEVER organized. I try to keep the clutter confined to a couple corners here and there, but stuff accumulates everywhere, all. the. time.

My husband and I never planned on being in this apartment longer than a year, but it's been 2.5. We like the neighborhood and we're not willing to sacrifice moving to a slightly bigger place and trading our commute times or our safety. So, I am trying to work with what I have. The first project on my list is an office space. We have a desk in our bedroom, but my husband recently moved his computer into the kitchen (because our kitchen table is really just a decoration). Now that he has vacated the bedroom, I want to create a home office space. I want to have an organized space were I can file important documents, sort mail and blog. I am thinking mass shelving is the way to go, since I lack floor space, I will need to build up.

I am planning on using my three day weekend to sort this all out, so I have turned to Pinterest for inspiration! If you have any tips on organizing small spaces, I am all ears!

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