5 Ways To Style A Blazer

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Did you know, I am a blazer junkie? I own over 25 different blazers, and only three of them are black! I feel like I should stand up at a meeting and announce myself as “Tori the Blazer-a-holic.” I don’t know what it is, but I am powerless when it comes to a great structured jacket. It doesn’t help that the Goodwill sells all their blazers for only $5.99. I wear blazers with just about everything, and rarely with a suit. I often forget that some people don’t utilize blazers to their maximum potential. Below I have outlined a few of my favorite ways I like style a blazer!

The first way you can style your blazers, is to incorporate them into a daytime look. They can immediately make a casual sundress elegant. When you are going for a fun daytime look, try printed or bold colored blazers.  The floral blazer below could be worn on a lunch date, to the office, or even to summer wedding.

Floral Blazer with Chambray Dress

The second way you can style your blazer is for a night time look. I love, love, love the idea of a pairing boyfriend jeans with heels and a great blazer! I wear this look a lot on dates with my husband. He loves to see me in the iconic jeans and a white tee, but I feel under dressed if I don't sass it up somehow. This look below is a win/win for both of us!
night out blazer

Dorothy Perkins Black Lace Top, $29 / Black jacket, $39 / Torn Jeans, $23 / HM Peep Toe Heels, $39

The third way I have styled a blazer, is the most common, but I've put my own twist on it! Blazers are still a staple in the work place, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring! Instead of wearing a three piece suit in the same color, mix match your trousers and blazers. In fact, very rarely do I buy a three piece suit all at once. I prefer to buy all the pieces seperate as I mentioned before in my post about building a professional wardrobe.
office blazer

Aqua Lace Peplum, $34 / HM Green Jacket, $47 / Old Navy Bootcut Pants, $40 / Zara Heeled Sandals / Hive + Honey Earrings

The fourth way you can style a blazer is for a special occasion, such as an office party, a baby shower or a wedding. I love embellished pieces, so sequin blazers are a favorite of mine. Even if the blazer didn't cost a fortune, an embellished one will make your whole outfit appear much more high class!

formal event blazer

HM Beaded Dress, $110 / Gold High Heel Sandals, $39 / MM Couture Sequin Jacket, $56

The last way I like to style a blazer is as a short suit. This is my new favorite trend, and is perfect for summer! I think styling shorts with a blazer and heels is super sexy, and a look every woman should try at least once. If you're like me and you don't do booty shorts, a mid-thigh trouser is still super sexy, and perhaps even more chic!

white short suit
White Peplum Shirt, $27 / White Blazer, $29 / Madewell Shorts, 40 / Zara Ankle Strap Sandals / White Bib Necklace, $23

Are you a blazer-a-holic too? 



Larissa @ Living in Color | A Lifestyle Blog said...

blazers are one of my favorite closet items! Good choices here :)
xo, Elle

fashchronicles said...

I love blazers, too. I'm still trying to stock up on them. It's amazing you own 25 of them!!

By the way, I've updated my blog with a new post. I'd love for you to swing by :) www.fashchronicles.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

This post is a GODSEND! I'm addicted to Goodwill's blazer section, but I never know how to tone down a blazer for casual wear! Thanks, Tori!

Glitter and Gradebooks

Ginger said...

I love blazers too and I have quite the collection of them. I just wish it wasn't so dang hot and I could wear them. :)

Elizabeth said...

Wow, 25 blazers?! That is a lot! I love the sexy suit collection :)

Laura said...

Love these sets, they all look fabulous and easy to style!
"For the Office" is my favorite. :)

Janise said...

Beautiful looks! Stopping by from THE Collective Social Blog Hop to say hi. Thank you for linking up. Have a fabulous day!


Jessi said...

I LOVE blazers and own quite a few too (not 25 though, that's impressive!) Funny thing is I don't own a black one at all. Colored ones are the funnest :) I love the day look and office look the best! So many cute outfits!
Visiting from Sunday Style!

Amanda Kathryn said...

This is so helpful! Love those black peep toe heels!

Xo, Amanda


Unknown said...

Love the colors in the office look :)

xo Ashley

Bridgette Nicole said...

I own a TON of blazers too!! I might need to join you in these meetings! :) :) I love the inspirations you have made!! SO cute! I am stopping by from the blog hop and LOVE your blog! Yay, so glad I found you!

Lauren @ Style of Ones Own said...

I'll join Blazers-anon with you! :) I love blazers. Think I have just about every color. They go with SO much, just like you showed here. One of my fav ways to style is over a printed shirt, sometimes with the cuffs rolled up.

Style of One's Own

Ladies in Navy said...

cute! this is great inspiration!
kw ladies in navy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! I really need to learn how to wear blazers. Love the look of them but always feel odd wearing one.