5 Ways To Style A Blazer

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Did you know, I am a blazer junkie? I own over 25 different blazers, and only three of them are black! I feel like I should stand up at a meeting and announce myself as “Tori the Blazer-a-holic.” I don’t know what it is, but I am powerless when it comes to a great structured jacket. It doesn’t help that the Goodwill sells all their blazers for only $5.99. I wear blazers with just about everything, and rarely with a suit. I often forget that some people don’t utilize blazers to their maximum potential. Below I have outlined a few of my favorite ways I like style a blazer!

The first way you can style your blazers, is to incorporate them into a daytime look. They can immediately make a casual sundress elegant. When you are going for a fun daytime look, try printed or bold colored blazers.  The floral blazer below could be worn on a lunch date, to the office, or even to summer wedding.

Floral Blazer with Chambray Dress

The second way you can style your blazer is for a night time look. I love, love, love the idea of a pairing boyfriend jeans with heels and a great blazer! I wear this look a lot on dates with my husband. He loves to see me in the iconic jeans and a white tee, but I feel under dressed if I don't sass it up somehow. This look below is a win/win for both of us!
night out blazer

Dorothy Perkins Black Lace Top, $29 / Black jacket, $39 / Torn Jeans, $23 / HM Peep Toe Heels, $39

The third way I have styled a blazer, is the most common, but I've put my own twist on it! Blazers are still a staple in the work place, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring! Instead of wearing a three piece suit in the same color, mix match your trousers and blazers. In fact, very rarely do I buy a three piece suit all at once. I prefer to buy all the pieces seperate as I mentioned before in my post about building a professional wardrobe.
office blazer

Aqua Lace Peplum, $34 / HM Green Jacket, $47 / Old Navy Bootcut Pants, $40 / Zara Heeled Sandals / Hive + Honey Earrings

The fourth way you can style a blazer is for a special occasion, such as an office party, a baby shower or a wedding. I love embellished pieces, so sequin blazers are a favorite of mine. Even if the blazer didn't cost a fortune, an embellished one will make your whole outfit appear much more high class!

formal event blazer

HM Beaded Dress, $110 / Gold High Heel Sandals, $39 / MM Couture Sequin Jacket, $56

The last way I like to style a blazer is as a short suit. This is my new favorite trend, and is perfect for summer! I think styling shorts with a blazer and heels is super sexy, and a look every woman should try at least once. If you're like me and you don't do booty shorts, a mid-thigh trouser is still super sexy, and perhaps even more chic!

white short suit
White Peplum Shirt, $27 / White Blazer, $29 / Madewell Shorts, 40 / Zara Ankle Strap Sandals / White Bib Necklace, $23

Are you a blazer-a-holic too?