Celebrity Look For Less {and} a Blog Hop

Monday, June 17, 2013

Do you often catch yourself staring at magazines in the check out line of the grocery store, and in between the Kardashian headlines, you find yourself pining over what Scar-Jo or Jennifer Lawrence is wearing? I don't think the celebrities always make the best fashion choices, but when they do, I am inspired to recreate their look (on my budget). I think one of the coolest things about being a celebrity, is that you have access to the newest things before they hit mainstream fashion. Not to mention, a lot of designers and brands just give the stuff away to celebs, so that people like you and I will take notice and go out an buy it too!

Seeing as how I cannot afford celebrity garments, I wanted to break down a few looks that will fit into a normal person's budget! Below, I have laid out three celeb ensembles that will make you feel super stylish without having to blow your kids college fund. 

Jamie Chung Floral Pants

The first look is inspired by Jamie Chung. You know I love printed pants almost as much as I love floral. This is a great daytime look for summer, and you could wear it for any occasion.

Cat Deeley Black Jumpsuit

Black Jumper €59.95

The next look is from Cat Deeley. Cat is known not only for her sexy accent, but her sexy style as well. Cat started out as a model in the UK, so you can bet she knows her fashion. I love jumpers, they are so effortless, and you can dress them up or down.
Reese Witherspoon

The last celebrity look, is from one of my favorite ladies, Reese Witherspoon. I love Reese's girl-next-door vibe. She seems like someone I'd like to go get a mani/pedi with. In this image, it looks like Reese is just running errands, but you could wear this aqua dress to a formal event as well!

Photo Credit: Popsugar Fashion

Now, onto the Blog Hop! If you're new to this hop, it's really simple. There is a very short list of directions below, and you can basically link up anything (and everything) you've been working on lately! Whether it's your new favorite recipe, the skirt you just scored on clearance, or your summer playlist, share it all! Also, every week I will be featuring a blogger from the previous week's link-up (You are making it so hard to choose just one!!). Be sure to check out our featured blogger, along with a couple other blog hoppers too!!

Meet Ann! Ann is the voice behind Blue Hue Wonderland. It doesn't take long to realize that Ann is an artist. Whether it be the garments she wears or the pictures she takes, you can tell Ann has a very creative eye. I love Ann's approach to her own style, she remixes pieces old and new, for an artistic yet classic look! If you're tired of all the other cookie cutter style bloggers out there, then you need to stop by Blue Hue Wonderland!

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bluehuewonderland said...

Oh my dear thanks for the kind words and featuring my blog. I am so honored and appreciate this connection. Thanks for hosting this blog hop! Great idea for a post. I think everyone can appreciate good styling for a good price.

blue hue wonderland

Janise said...

Love all these looks, especially Reese's. Thank you for hosting and I think Ann has an awesome blog too!


Lauren @ Style of Ones Own said...

Tory, your looks for less are spot on! Kind of wish I wasn't on a shopping ban this month...loving those Gap floral leggings. Oh and thanks for hosting again!

Style of One's Own

Lauren @ Style of Ones Own said...

I'm so sorry, just realized I spelled your name wrong. :(

Meraki said...

totally love the floral pants and thanks for another week of blog hop : )


Unknown said...

Great outfits, bags, shoes and accessories! Thanks a lot for hosting and enjoy the rest of your day.

Angela said...

I love the looks for less! I especially love the floral pants! I also wanted to tell you about a blog hop that I am hosting, I would love for you to join in!

Angela said...

Sorry, I forgot to link up to my blog hop!

Callie said...

I love the first celeb look - so cute! Thanks for the linkup. =)

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

I love the floral pants...but I wore them as a kid and can't bring myself to wear them again hahahha

List Addict said...

It's great to see Cat styling herself - they often do something terrible to her on SYTYCD. Thanks so much for hosting!!

Alex said...

I never thought I would dear wearing one of these Red cocktail dresses. But now I think that they are the most wonderful dresses in my closet ! I just love them and love myself more in them.