Desert Flower

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Confession: this crochet maxi, is in fact a tube dress! However, it looks awful as a dress, so I turned it into a skirt with just a bit of layering. I decided to use my trusty chambray button down (which is a huge staple in my closet), I knotted it and voila, I have a multi-piece look!

I also decided to pull out some of my Native American inspired jewelry. The Southwest is know for it's large deposits of turquoise and that is why it is incorporated into the Native American culture (in case you needed a history lesson ;)). Growing up, my grandfather had a passion for Native American culture. He researched and traveled across the country, researching their heritage. My first piece of jewelry was a turquoise ring my grandfather gave me when I was 4. I still have, it's set in real silver too. So, you can see how this stone has a special place in my heart. Like quite a few Americans, I have some American Indian in my bloodline, Cherokee to be exact. My Husband is 1/16 Apache too... we should probably start a reservation ;)

Seeing as how I was already incorporating the Southwest into my styling, I decided I needed a desert background for my photos.  Instead of driving out to Palm Springs, I borrowed a neighbor's yard, lol. You would be surprised how many desert inspired homes are within the city limits of Los Angeles. I guess cactus is easier to upkeep than grass!