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Monday, June 24, 2013

So, you might be scratching  your head wondering what OCM is? OCM stands for "Oil Cleansing Method," and it is exactly that, using oil to wash your face. What?!? Sounds crazy right? You might remember me proposing this preposterous idea about oil cleaning oil to you in my post on make up brushes. But it's true, oil dissolves other oils, and in turn makes a great facial cleanser. I first heard about OCM on Pinterest, that is usually where I find all my hair-brained skin care ideas. I tried a method using honey and coconut oil, but it didn't seem to bring the results it promised.. so I stopped. It wasn't until I read an article from my girl Katie at Hems for Her. Katie and I have discussed our skin care woes before, so when she wrote this article my ears perked. 

You see, I suffer from hormonal adult acne... it is such a fucking nuisance. Yes, I used the F word because that's how frustrated it makes me! It began when I was 23-ish and consists of painful, red cysts along my jawline. I have tried a variety of products, but nothing ever fully cures it. I am pretty desperate, and I will try just about any concoction... and I have. After experimenting for years with avocados, cayenne, egg whites and everything else in my kitchen, the OCM didn't seem so crazy. 

So here is how it works, you start with a blend of oils (we'll get to that in a second), then you massage the oil into your face. Then, take a hot cloth, as hot as you can stand, and steam your face. I like to steam my face at least twice. Finally, take your damp cloth and wipe off any excess oil. It is that simple. The oil will remove your make up and clean out any clogged pores. When you're done, your face will feel soft and appear more luminous. Now, I'm not going to tell you that is the cure all for my acne, it's not. I have been doing it for a few weeks, and although I like it, I am not acne free by any means. I also had a menstrual cycle in the middle of testing this method, so my results are skewed anyways. I will say that I do see the effects of the oil. My normally oily skin is surprisingly less oily. My skin is more vibrant, and I feel like my fine lines are minimized.

OCM Oil Cleansing Method

Now, if you're still with me, you're probably wondering what this oil concoction is made of right? Well, sadly the recipes I've found are not set in stone. It appears that people tend to experiment with different combinations until they find the right one for them. There are so many combinations you can try, and different recommendations for different skin types. I will try my best to consolidate them for you.

Castor Oil: Castor Oil is found in the pharmacy section in most stores. Castor Oil has long been used as a laxative, but it also has antibacterial properties.  Castor oil is the base of almost all the OCM recipes I have found. You'll want to mix half castor oil with half of a different oil since castor oil is very thick. 

Other Oils to try:
Grape Seed Oil: For oily skin (Which I am currently using)
Jojoba Oil: For all skin types/acne prone
Sunflower Seed Oil: For normal skin
Sweet Almond Oil: For normal to oily
Turmeric Oil For oily skin/acne prone
Avocado Oil: For dry skin 

And if you don't like those, you can try:
Tamanu Oil
Argan Oil
Pomegranate Seed Oil
Borage Seed Oil

Once you've figured out which two oils with make the base of your solution, I like the idea of adding an essential oil for scent. For example, I use just a few drops of Lemongrass Oil and a few drops of Tea Tree Oil for my acne. Do not put too much of these oils as they will irritate your eyes (I know from experience). You can try a couple drops of Lavender Oil instead of Lemongrass for a calming effect too. The last oil which I have only heard about, and am yet to try is Neem Oil. I've heard that by putting just a little Neem Oil directly onto your blemishes it helps to clear your acne. I am searching for Neem Oil as we speak!

There are so many articles written about OCM, and I couldn't possibly tell you all there is to know. If you are interested in finding more information, I have listed some of the sites I have used below. Good luck and if you have any tips, I'd love to hear them!!

Further Reading:
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Now, onto the Blog Hop! If you're new to this hop, it's really simple. There is a very short list of directions below, and you can basically link up anything (and everything) you've been working on lately! Whether it's your new favorite recipe, the skirt you just scored on clearance, or your summer playlist, share it all! Also, every week I will be featuring a blogger from the previous week's link-up (You are making it so hard to choose just one!!). Be sure to check out our featured blogger, along with a couple other blog hoppers too!!

This week's 'Blogger of the Week' is Kayla from lovelucygirl! Kayla is a Tennessee gal, showing off her relaxed weekend look. Her statement necklace is what immediately caught my eye! I have been contemplating buying this exact same necklace for weeks now. Upon further inspection, I realized her polka dot jeans are from J Crew factory... you know I love a girl who can find a deal! Kayla resides in the Midwest, but her style has a southern twist!!

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Elizabeth said...

Wow, that cleansing method seems really interesting! I'll have to take a look and maybe give it a try.

Sammi said...

I tried the OCM for quite a few months, and in the long-term, it actually made my acne worse - though it made things better when I first started using it. I would be open to trying it again with a different set of oils (I used mostly EVOO with a little bit of castor oil, because I found the castor oil really dried out my skin), but I think the oils you've suggested make more sense than EVOO. I thought the philosophy behind the oils dissolving oils was a good one, but it eventually got so bad that I had to go back to my other facial cleanser, which is harsher but the results have been better. Moisturizing more has helped me quite a lot, but I've suffered with acne for probably 10 years, so I'm still trying to find the best method for me!

xox Sammi

Unknown said...

I actually read that a lot of people break out with EVOO and that its the worst oil to use :( I know that castor oil can be drying so you should try a 30/70 combo with avocado oil. I stil use regular soap in conjunction with this. My skin is so temperamental nothing works alone :( thanks for sharing though!!

Janise said...

This is very interesting. I have never heard of OCM until now. Hope it works out for you. Thank you for the linkup again :)


Sheree said...

SO funny, another blogger got me into trying castor and olive oil ad I LOVE it!!!!! I definitely see a difference in the texture of my skin. You should try Mario Badescu products if acne is still an issue..It has helped my skin and my sisters as well as my friend who used to have cystic acne! go on the website and call them instead of ordering online..you can talk to someone about your skin problems and they will personalize it for your skin type. This is no proactive...they really work!
sheree xxx

bluehuewonderland said...

Adult acne is so difficult..... I've also found it helpful to reduce my intake of bread, dairy and sugar. I've found this improves overall health and them my skin followed by being clear. Can be hard to do but the outcome is so worth the effort. I also stopped drinking diet soda. Wish you well, I know how frustrating this is.

blue hue wonderland

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm glad that you're brave enough to try the things from Pinterest!!


Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

I've heard awesome things about OCM but have yet to try it. Thanks for the tips! Also, I love Kayla too, she's so sweet and has a great sense of style.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! Thank you SO much for featuring me! You are too kind!! : )


The Southern Thing said...

I've seen other bloggers do this and they had good reviews about it! Maybe I'll try this!

Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing this! That oil mask thing looks cool. I am going to try it. PS love kayla's mint polka dot pants! SO cute!! xo

Callie said...

Cool - thanks for sharing! I love the featured outfit - those polka dot pants are to die for. =)

Lauren @ Style of Ones Own said...

Oh my gosh! I love the featured look. Can't wait to check out the rest of her blog. You are so brave to try the OCM. I am in the same boat and I concur 100% that it deserves the F-bomb. I turned 21 and BAM cystic acne. I have had some luck with Glamglow. I want to use it for a little bit more before I do a review. My derm put me on Tazorac (because I wasn't ready for Accutane) and it made my skin so dry and peely that I used an oil-based natural moisturizer which made me break out even more. So now I'm too afraid to try the OCM. :(

Style of One's Own

Style of One's Own

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the info! I am seriously desperate for anything that works!

Unknown said...

Thank you! I have thought about going more Gluten Free, but it is so hard!

Unknown said...

Oh no, I am sorry to hear that! I try to stay away from harsh medicines. If Accutane can cause birth defects, I certainly don't want it in my body! I have been on antibiotics, but they don't help either. I find that my skin, while acne prone is very sensitive and anything overly abrasive or drying will only exacerbate the problem. Dermaologica for sensitive skin has always helped clear my skin when it's inflamed.

gayle said...

I am so sorry that you deal with this acne issue. I have several friends who deal with the same thing, and they say that adult acne is WAY different than acne as a teen or pre-teen. :( I hope that this method works for you, and that you continue to see improved results! Fingers crossed!!!

Gayle | Grace for Gayle

Unknown said...

Thanks for inviting me to your blog hop! Great linky.

Heather said...

I've cut out a lot of dairy, most bread, and all soda and I'm seeing a positive change already.

Heather said...

I adore Kayla's outfit above! So perfectly coordinated and you are right about it having a Southern look.

Angela said...

That is crazy about the oil washing! I will have to try that! I would love if you stopped by and joined our linkup!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing the OCM....it's quite interesting. Love your Blogger of the Week and it's great to link up


Carylee said...

That is an intense regimen! Thanks for sharing! And I would have never guessed that you had issues with acne - you always look flawless! Thank you for hosting!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

I've heard about OCM on other blogs and I'm thinking about trying it out! I think natural products are best for your skin anyways and oils are pretty basic!
Jeans and a Teacup

List Addict said...

Who would have thought that an oil could work in this way! Thanks so much for sharing. And thanks again for hosting.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the information on OCM! Very interesting. Thanks also for the blog hop. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Ellen said...

I've been curious about the OCM. Great post!



raghav raaj said...

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