Denim and Blues

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chambray top
hand strap clutch
star necklace 
denim chambray top
hand strap clutch
pointed toe black flats

hand strap clutch

I have become totally enamored with button down chambray/denim blouses. It can be 95 degrees outside, and I think to myself, "well I can just roll up the sleeves." For the last year, I have been living with only a single chambray button down, so I decided it was time to find a second! I discovered this top at none other than my trusty Goodwill! It's a size too big, but I don't mind because that way I can tie it without my navel showing like a teenager. < - - - I think I may need a hip replacement after that comment right there.

I love the styling of a casual top with a stretchy black pencil skirt. I can virtually wear this look anywhere. I can wear it to the office (my dress code is more casual), I can wear it on a date with my husband, or I can wear out running errands. This outfit looks very put together, but in reality it's über comfortable!

Did You Know: Chambray is commonly mistaken for denim, and although both are made from cotton, they are different. Chambray can actually be produced in any color (as you know, denim can too), but most of the time Chambray looks like a light wash denim. So, what is the actual difference? It's very simple, it comes down to the weave. Denim is a diagonal weave, while Chambray is a crisscross weave.

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