All That Glitters

Monday, August 19, 2013

white t-strap heels
Blazer: Forever 21 // Skirt: (similar) // Blouse: HM // Heels: Nine West (similar) // Necklace: Forever 21 // Sunglasses: eBay (similar)  // Watch: Michael Kors

Sometimes I surprise myself with what I can put together to make an outfit. This look was very much a happy accident. I Haven't been able to shop much these days, and I've apparently gained weight because nothing I own fits! I have really been scraping by to make outfits lately it seems. I'm not about to go and buy new clothes, because I'm confident my extra weight will disappear soon! Until I feel better about my wardrobe, I am going to continue to get creative!

I bought this skirt last Christmas, but I've only worn it once! It's a pretty loud statement piece and I could never find the right occasion for it. I decided to take my own advice and "make an occasion." I didn't exactly host a party in order to wear it, but rather, I styled it so it would be appropriate for any day. I wanted to make it office appropriate, seeing as that's pretty much the only place I go. Who knew an over-sized boyfriend blazer would take this look "out the club" and into the office?

Would you wear sequins to work?

Trivia: Did you know that the common phrase "all that glitters is not gold," was originally written by Shakespeare as "all that glisters?" (Source: Wikipedia)



DC in STYLE said...

The new design of your blog is awesome, love how clean it is!!!! You said that you gained some weight- noo way, you look tiny!

Carylee said...

So nice to see your face again! And yes, I wear sequins to work - probably more than I should!
And I agree with the previous poster that your weight gain is not translating to your photos! You look great!

Rachel said...

I have a gold sequined tank top that I love, but it really is hard to find appropriate situations for, so I've only worn it a handful of times. I actually once wore it on a kayaking day trip because I was stubborn and wanted to wear my pretty shirt whether it was sensible or not. In all the pictures from that trip, I look like I'm going clubbing in a kayak...but hey, whatever! :P

The Random Writings of Rachel

Abigail said...

Lovely skirt. But I agree, it's a loud statement piece. Love how you were able to make it work-appropriate :) Great job!

Life in the Fash Lane

Noor W. said...

Love the outfit! :D

xo Noor

Jessica said...

I LOVE this look! I think that as a female our bodies sometimes hate us and bloat...although you don't look it. I have an amazing dress with a sequin skirt I wore to work the day before New Years and haven't worn it since. I might need a new blazer to tone it down.

Debbie Stinedurf said...

I often wear sequins to work...I love sparkly things. But I always make sure to pair them with something subdued like a blazer or cardi. You look great!
Debbie :)

Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

obsessed with that skirt! too cute :)

XO meghan

Jennifer Romero said...

Of course I would wear sequins to work! I do it all the time. I love the way you paired this skirt!! Effortlessly classy.

Dora said...

The sandals are so cute!

MissRockwell said...

Yay! You're back with a bang! Yes, I would wear sequins to work-this outfit is too adorable.

Agnes Mayer said...

Love this skirt. Stunning outfit!!!!!!!!!

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