With Love, From LaLa Land

Friday, August 23, 2013

 LA Tank: Forever 21 // Jeans: Forever 21 // Blazer: c/o Coupons.com //Necklace: BP. // Sandals: Forever 21

I was telling someone the other day about the exact moment I became "so L.A." I had just started a new job, so I was dressed to the nines: a pencil skirt and five inch heels. I was walking out of a Starbucks, iced coffee in hand, and looking for my Prius. It was at that moment I stopped and thought, "God, I am so LA right now." It was such a weird feeling, and something I had never anticipated to happen. Growing up, I never saw myself as moving off to the big city, let alone Hollywood. Yet in that moment, I was full of contentment as I had found my place.

I fully recognize all of Los Angeles' short comings, but I am still in love with this city. I don't like to dress like a tourist, but I kinda love this LA muscle shirt. And since I am digging the white on white trend, I decided to throw on this blazer from my SavyStyle Challenge with Coupons.com.

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Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

super cute! love that graphic tee!

XO Meghan

99 Boxes of Shoes on the Wall said...

Your rocking the poses! Love white on white and that is a fun graphic tee to wear! I don't think I'd be wearing a "I <3 DC" shirt unless it was something cute like yours!

99 Boxes of Shoes on the Wall

Rebecca said...

Hi Tori!!! Wow you are really looking so LA......welcome to the city of many possibilities. It's not perfect but I love it!


BruceMore said...

This really answered my problem, thank you!

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