Sunday, September 15, 2013

This past weekend I attended an event at the South Bay Galleria in Redondo Beach. I have a soft spot for this mall, since they crowned me their Project Style winner last year! The mall management is doing great things to draw in more clientele and they are really revamping the entire mall! If you're in the South Bay, stop by, or check out their website for their next BIG event!

This past Saturday, the South Bay Galleria held an exclusive event for bloggers. They recognize the value a blogger brings to a brand and a community. They reached out to Nick Verreos to host the entire event. They had free food from CPK, Stone Oven Grill, Hot Dog on a Stick, Cinnabon and CrumbCups! There was hair and make up demos, along with a fall trend forecast! It was the malls first ever blogger event, but I have to say they did an amazing job!!

The Swarvoski Display...
The lovely Swarvoski Model

I've never heard of a "CrumbCup," but they're delicious!! (Check out their Facebook Page)
The girls from the Regis Salon doing a fishtail braid-messy bun...
A couple Claire's employees sharing scarf tying techniques... notice the bow... A new discovery for me, and I'll be sharing soon!!
Nick was enamored with the Assistant Manger of Guess. She was discussing Fall Fashion trends.
And only Nick Verreos can pull of teal suede loafers!
and a MAC makeup Demo...
There was a booth set up with free henna! I was so excited to get some temporary stinky ink! I tried to DIY my own henna tat in college, but it didn't work very well.
I am probably way more excited about this than I should be at my age. But I am totally stoked about my new tat... that will wash off in 1-2 weeks.
About to get a "Lip Reading." Apparently the lines on your lips reveal your character, much like the lines on you palm. Definitely one of my favorite booths at BlogTopia!

My Lip Reading:
Lateral Thinker
Responds well to Abstract ideas
Feel deeply for things I believe in
Communicates how I feel easily
Very Expressive
Strong Connection with Nature

* I have never had my palm read, and I've never even heard of having your lips read, but I'd say this Lady was pretty accurate!

A special thank you to my amazing P.I.C / photographer / husband! He came with me and took all of these great pictures. I should probably take him golfing soon!!

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Ashley said...

What an awesome event!! I'm also really liking the scarf bow. So glad you were able to go!

Unknown said...

Darn! I didn't know your photographer was your hubby? You kept calling him your photographer! Silly girl!!

Briana Harvath said...

OMG I love the idea of a lip reading! That's so cool! Looks like a great time!!

XO, Briana

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