Lady in Green

Sunday, September 8, 2013

green ombre bubble dressgreen ombre bubble dress

 green ombre bubble dress
red flower statement necklace
white bakers sandals 


O.M.G. California is having the worst heat wave ever! In the past two weeks my A/C has not been turned off once. I've been working on a bunch of posts related to fall, but we're not having anything close to autumn weather! I have found myself trying to pull out every dress I own in order to combat this heat and humidity. I've had this little ombré number for a couple of years now, but I feel like it's too fancy to wear as a sundress. I have worn it to a wedding, and out for date night, but I should probably start dressing it down to get more use out if it! You might have also noticed my flower necklace, it's just one of my recent eBay finds! I have been going a little crazy with the statement necklaces lately... there will be more to come!! 

Trivia: I know you've heard the word "ombré" a million times recently, but did you know that the word has actually been around since the late 1800's? In French it's called "ombrer," in Italian it's, "ombrare," and in Latin it's called "umbra." 


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