Stuck in a Fashion Rut?

Monday, September 2, 2013

It happens to all of us, routine takes over our life and before you know it, you're wearing the same pair of jeans 5 days a week, and you haven't bought a new pair of shoes in a year. Let me start by saying you're not alone! I just realized the other day that I have been wearing the same pair of gym shoes for over 5 years... tells ya something about how hard I exercise right? I also have not gone bra shopping in over 6 months, and mine have the elastic threads poking out. Although, I'm not in a total fashion rut, my style could use some sprucing up in some areas. Let's discuss some indicators that you might be stuck in a fashion rut:

1. Do you wear the same jewelry everyday? If you have a tan line from your watch, we need to talk. Accessories can be the easiest and cheapest way to update your wardrobe! I used to shop for shoes when I was depressed, now I buy statement necklaces! Fun baubles will cost you less than a new outfit, and yet they can transform any old boring garment. If you've been wearing the same old diamond studs and tennis bracelet, head over to the nearest Forever 21 and pick up a couple new pieces. Yes they are cheap, no they won't last forever (despite the name), but they will put a little pep in your step!

2. Shoes are another great way to fake a new look! You can wear the same LBD multiple times, but if you change up your footwear, it'll look like a different frock every time! I am all about investment pieces, and spending money on a great pair of black pumps, but you can find some really cute trendy shoes for not a lot of money! Marshalls, Ross and Kohl's usually have a great selection of fun statement shoes, and if you take care of them, they will last you for multiple seasons!

3. Is your closet is monochromatic? Are you one of those women who only wears black? If someone looked into your closet, would it look like you've been to 40 funerals? Yes, black is flattering, and it matches everything, but that doesn't mean it should be the only color you wear! If black is your comfort zone, then take baby steps. Incorporate a colored shoe, or one of the aforementioned statement necklaces. Then, gasp... try a colored top! Even if it's only a grey blouse, it's about moving out of the dark and towards the colorful! I used to be one of those girls who only wore neutral colors, but my closet rivals the technicolor-ed dream coat these days! It just starts with one amazing pair of red pumps!

4. Trend on repeat? Did you go out on a limb and try a new trend 3 years ago, but you're still wearing it? Although, I applaud you for trying something new, that doesn't mean it's the only trend you should try! I don't think every trend is right for every person or every body type, but get back on the horse and test out a new theory! I suggest giving into at least one trend each season. If you love stripes, try color blocking, if you love floral, try polka dots. And going forward, try pastels in the spring, bright prints in summer, and perhaps a sultry Bordeaux pant in the fall.

5. Can't remember the last time you bought neglige? No I'm not talking about a new silk nighty, I'm taking about a fully functioning bra, that hasn't lost all the elastic. Many studies have shown how a proper bra can transform a woman's figure. Also your breasts change over time and a bra that fit 5 years ago, probably isn't doing you any favors today. If you need help, seek a professional. Victoria Secrets might be a good place to start, but if you are "really" blessed, find a specialty bra shop!

6.  Do all of your pants have a stretch waistband? I get it girl, believe me. I want to live in yoga pants, in fact that was the one thing I shared about myself in college icebreakers. But, wearing gym clothes (or worse pajamas), is not a style. You can find a ton of super comfortable jersey knit dresses (same material as yoga pants), and they will communicate to the world that you actually care about how you look. Also, dresses are way more comfortable than pants, and much easier to style. Dresses are very underused in my opinion. They are my lazy-day go-to!

7. Do you avoid shopping altogether? I've heard this a million times (my mother especially), you don't have the time, you hate all the clothes you find, or worse you hate your body. Shopping is not for everyone, I get that, but unless you have a personal shopper, you're going to have to do it sometime. I suggest trying to make shopping more tolerable. If you don't shop because you hate crowds, go first thing in the morning or shop online. If you struggle with your body image, focus on a silhouette you like and try to create a wardrobe around that. Also, check out my post on how to dress your body type. If you are tired of all the clothing in your local retail stores, check out the thrift stores in town, or there is this thing called the worldwide web... you might be able to find something there.

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Ladies in Navy said...

love these tips! the new bra one is spot on! i always forget how much of a difference they make!
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GreenBean said...

Thanks Tori! Cute post. I'm definitely on a mission to get more chunky heels and wedge heels in my life :)

Unknown said...

That green necklace is such a cutie! Love the color

dani said...

Firstly, I am loving your blog's new "style," or however you'd put it! ;) Absolutely loving your posts lately!

I am digging this one, too, of course! I'm needing fashion "updates" for my new work wardrobe, and I am welcoming all of these suggestions! Thanks, girl!

Rebecca said...

Great post Tori.....I'm also into statement necklaces because I love how they quickly change the look of an outfit!


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