Rooftop Glam

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Before I began working downtown, I avoided it like the plague. I never wanted to drive downtown in fear of running into Lakers traffic, Dodger traffic or any concert at Staples center traffic. You get the theme, there's a lot of traffic in LA. But I have turned a new leaf... sort of. I have been working downtown for 6 months now and I am learning to appreciate it. There are a lot of hidden gems, from cute coffee shops to swanky restaurants to speakeasy's, and I am just beginning to explore all of them.

I decided to borrow the rooftop of the YMCA for this little photo sesh. There are so many great places to shoot downtown too! At least once a week, I see film crews, police escorts, and street closures. I won't be filming any movies anytime soon, but I plan on bringing you some more outfit posts from underneath the skyscrapers.

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