6 ways to style leggings

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Leggings made their entrance back into the fashion scene in 2008, just after the skinny jean takeover. Leggings have been hanging around for almost 6 years now, I certainly would have never anticipated that. My opinion of leggings, and their cousin the jegging, has evolved over the last few years. I used to view leggings as a thicker version of tights, meant to be worn only under garments. However, designers have been getting very creative, and leggings are now an alternative to pants. I still think one should be careful when styling leggings, they can be very unflattering, showing off all the wrong lady parts. If you're stuck and struggling to find better ways to style your leggings, here are a few ideas!

What is your favorite way to wear leggings?

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