Feel the Beat

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


My heart has been heavy lately. I have been witnessing some of the most heart breaking news. I won't go into detail, because they're not my stories to tell. But I will say there are quite a few lives who are impacting my outlook on my own life. I have been struggling with my own problems and living in a constant state of frustration it seems. But then, when I have learned about people with actual life threatening problems, I am humbled. I am reminded how blessed I actually am, and that I need to take more deep breaths. My heart breaks for multiple families who have received devastating news lately, and all I can do is take control of my own life. I pray A LOT for these families, but I cannot fix anything. All I can think to do is be more thankful, hug my own family a little tighter and appreciate how beautiful life can be. It was very fitting that I had this outfit lined up to share with you. I see this pattern as a heart beat on an EKG machine, and a reminder to feel that beat.

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