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Thursday, November 7, 2013

As I sit and attempt to savor the last couple years of my twenties I can't help but reflect on the things I have learned in the past 2 decades. Having a baby sister who is dealing with the daily drama that is junior high, it also reminds me that hindsight is in fact 20/20. I find myself constantly reassuring her that she will grow up, and there will be a whole new set of drama as she ages. But damn it is so hard to see past the now when you're that age. Shoot I find it difficult to see past the now at 28. I stumbled upon an article on Pinterest titled "67 things I wish I had known when I was 18."

I can relate to every. single. one.  Below I have outlined just a few of my favorites:

#3. Stand firm in your beliefs: There is a quote that I love so much, I almost tattooed it on myself, it goes like this: "Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes." I have always been one to speak my mind, even when what I said was an unpopular opinion. I was one of the lucky ones who didn't cave to peer pressure, but man it is hard to stick to your guns when you're young.

#8. You are the rule, not the exception. Life will be so much easier if you accept this now: You are special, special to some people in the world, but you are not special in the grand scheme of things. Work hard for everything, do not expect that things will simply work themselves out for you.

7. It’s okay to laugh at yourself. Embrace the imperfections
#7. It's okay to laugh at yourself. Embrace the imperfections: Damn it's hard to be a girl, isn't it? Have you seen these You Tube videos of girls asking the world if they're "ugly or pretty?" I mean c'mon! What has happened to our society that our little girls are so concerned with their appearance and what other people think of them? I know it was bad when I was growing up, but it seems to just be getting progressively worse.

14. Stop calling him. Stop texting him. If he wanted you, he’d be there
#14. Stop calling him. Stop texting him. If he wanted you, he's be there: I think it's a right of passage for every girl to date an asshole, but it shouldn't be. I know far too many women who let far too many relationships drag their self esteem through the dirt. Some men can be real dicks, that doesn't mean they're all like that, nor does it mean you should tolerate it.

#28. Tell your parents you love them every chance you get: This one sank in a long time after it should have for me. It took a lot of life experiences for me to truly appreciate my parents. They will not be around forever, cherish them.

#34. Sometimes the only person you can rely on is yourself: I grew up with my parents beating this thought in my head. My father taught me how to change my own tire (he tried to teach me how to change the oil.) I was always taught that a man was not going to take care of you, and I've always made my own money. It's a blessing if you don't have to work, but you should learn how to take care of yourself just in case.

#42. Trust your instincts: I have really good instincts, I actually do. I read people well and I can usually guess the outcome of most situations. However, I didn't always trust my instincts, don't do that.

#48. Confidence is everything: Even if you have to fake it. You will be so surprised how differently people treat you when you have confidence. Walk with your head held high, but don't confuse confidence with arrogance.

#62. Be carefree not careless: Be mindful of the decisions you are making, but take risks! Travel to Europe with your girlfriends, but pay your rent first.

These are just a few from the article, but I recommend reading all of them. I am sure you will be able to relate to most! There are so many things I wish I could go back and tell myself, but I will have to settle with imparting my knowledge on my baby sister, and my future children, whom I'm sure will be resistant to my wisdom.I have also added two of my own that are not featured on this list.

** Adults are not always smarter than you. In fact if you have a fairly high IQ most adults aren't smarter than a teenager. The issue is that a teenager's reasoning skills are not fully formed, but I've met people in their 50's with poor decision making skills too. I have discovered that adults just get older, not necessarily wiser.

** Those High School Stereotypes, will continue into every social construct you encounter. There will always be the book worm, there will always be the person who thinks they know everything, there will always be the one upper and lord help us, there is always the mean girl. Yes, some people change and grow up, but the vast majority won't. 

What are some of the lessons you've learned through the years? 
What is the one thing you wish you knew back then?

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7. It’s okay to laugh at yourself. Embrace the imperfections.
7. It’s okay to laugh at yourself. Embrace the imperfections.


Dresses With Pockets said...

I love all of these. It's crazy how they all still apply in adulthood. Thanks for the morning pick me up :)


Induffinitely Me said...

These are amazing! I can't think of any news ones but definitely agree with #14 and the last one. It is crazy how often the cliques or social groups come up in real-life!!!

Unknown said...

Such inspiring words! Thanks for those


B @ then there was we said...

i wish i'd known that things get easier and that life would turn out SO different from the way i imagined!

stopping by from funday monday. :)

Anonymous said...

This is a genius post! Especially the first one. I've had a few problems recently, well over the last 10months actually, and they all stemmed from the fact that I did exactly that. I stood up for myself. Thank you for this, I really needed it!

BruceMore said...

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