10 Unique Christmas Gifts Under $50

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas is right around the corner, 2 weeks to be exact! I thought this year was never going to end, and now I can't believe it's almost over! I am not a big a fan of purchasing useless trinkets, so I found a few items that are bound to make your friends and family smile! Here are 10 unique gifts that I am 90% sure no one on your list possesses (that guesstimation has no scientific evidence).

1. Herb Keeper $21: I love to cook with fresh herbs, but i always end up wasting them because they go bad. I have tried freezing things like Basil, but it never tastes as good as the fresh stuff. I love this little herb keeper! It's so practical and virtually takes up no space in the kitchen.

2. Cooking Guideline Apron $25: Measurement conversions aren't my forte, and I am forever pulling out my iPhone to figure out how many cups are in a gallon. This apron eliminates the need for electronics in the kitchen. It has all the conversion rates printed on it, along with cooking times for various produce and proteins! This is a great gift for chefs and moms alike!

3. Bobble Brush $13: Here's a little secret about me... I can't stand for my toothbrush to touch anything, let alone another person. I love this idea of a bobble brush holder. It's perfect for anyone as anal retentive as I am!

4. Portable Ping Pong $40:When I showed this portable ping pong table to B, his eyes lit up. He has been dying to buy a ping pong table, but they cost hundreds of dollars and we just don't have the space. This little portable set solves both of those problems! This gift is perfect for your son, or your husband.

5. Props (Adjustable ear bud retainer) $6:This is another gadget that caught B's attention. He basically lives with his ear buds attached to his head. This little silicon contraption keeps your ear buds around your neck when you don't need them in your ears.

6. Waterproof WiFi Shower Speaker $40: Do you like to take long showers to relax, well you now can add some mood music with this waterproof speaker. You can sync your music straight from your phone or computer using the Bluetooth settings.

7. Wine Pearls $25: Another confession: I put ice cubes in my white wine. I hate warm wine, it's worse than lukewarm coffee. These little wine pearls keep your beverages cold without watering them down! All you have to do is freeze these little orbs and then pop them in your glass, and your beverage will stay chilled for 30 minutes!

8. Egg Yolk Extractor $13: This immediately reminded me of those nose suckers you use on babies... but way less disgusting! We separate eggs frequently in our home, whether it is for creme brulee, macrons or just an egg white omelet. This sweet innovation sucks the yolks right up, eliminating any mess!

9. Flavor Infuser Water Bottle $16: I know a lot of people who "don't like water." I know that sounds crazy, because after all water tastes like nothing! But perhaps that is what bothers people, they want more flavor. With this infuser bottle, people can put their favorite fruits in without getting any pulp!

10. Broom Groomer $12: This last gift is so up my alley, I want it for myself. My apartment is really old and there is always a new dust bunny lurking around the corner. I have to pull off all the built up fuzz by hand... which is gross! This handy dandy comb pulls the dust bunnies right off!

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Unknown said...

I love the herb keeper and the cute apron! Great picks

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

I NEEEEEED that wifi shower speaker in my life!

The Grits Blog said...

What awesome gift ideas!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Unknown said...

You can do the egg yolk thing with a water bottle.

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