A Touch of Sparkle

Saturday, December 28, 2013

I have been taking these awkward outfit photos for three years, and they don't get any less embarrassing. Most of the time, the end result is worth the uncomfortable stares. Sometimes, it's the outfit itself that I like best, other times, it's the location. B and I stumbled upon the serendipitous locale. Of course I like my outfit, but I love how the silver and burgundy play off the turquoise wall. I love shooting outfits against plain colored walls, in fact I wouldn't use any other backdrop if I could find enough colored walls.

Brand: The Gap / From: The Gap  / Paid: $69.95 /  Retail: $69.95

Sequin Tank
Brand: Xhilaration / From: The Goodwill  / Paid: $3.99 /  Retail: $12.99

Brand: Calvin Klein / From: The Goodwill  / Paid: $5.99 /  Retail: $89.99

Brand: Qupid / From: Love D  / Paid: c/o South Bay Galleria /  Retail: $40.00

Brand: unknown / From: The Goodwill  / Paid: $3.99 /  Retail:unknown

Brand: Forever 21 / From: Forever 21  / Paid: $5.00 /  Retail: $14.80

I purchased this faux fur scarf last winter on clearance. I was totally enamored by it online, but when I got it home I struggled with how to style it. It's a tab bit shorter than I expected, and is really bulky. It really throws of the proportions with most outfits, so I only wear it with blazers and dresses. Do you ever have issues with buying online and not liking something when you get it home?

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