Take it from the top

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Brand: Michael Kors / From: The Goodwill  / Paid: $5.99 /  Retail: $12.99

Sequin Tank
Brand: Express / From: The Goodwill  / Paid: $3.99 /  Retail: $29.99

Brand: Forever 21 / From: Forever 21  / Paid: $10.80 /  Retail: $10.80

Brand: Xhilaration / From: The Goodwill  / Paid: $3.99 /  Retail: $12.99

I love how rugged the terrain is in Los Angeles (okay, maybe rugged was an exaggeration). But seriously, I love that Los Angeles is situated in the middle of a bunch of hills, giving so many options for areal views. I have been to the top of many mountains here in SoCal and each view is different. I know my family would scoff at me referring to a metropolitan area as a "nice view" (they're more into real wildlife, not the crazies of Hollywood).

We drank in this particular view from a hilltop in Culver City. Although my backdrop is a little out of focus, from this hill you can see all of downtown, the Hollywood sign and the entire coastline from Marina Del Rey to Malibu. For me, the view is always surreal. I grew up in a town of 10,000 people, so the fact that I am actually surviving in a city of 4 million people, surprises me sometimes. Los Angeles is not an easy beast to tame, especially the entertainment industry (which is B's one and only dream). Sometimes the struggle can feel overwhelming and the thought of a simpler life seems appealing, but these views are like a reset button. They remind me to breathe, and remember why we're here.

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