Third Time's A Charm

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Brand: Limited / From: The Goodwill  / Paid: $5.99 /  Retail: $59.95

Brand: Jessica Simpson / From: The Goodwill  / Paid: $7.99 /  Retail: $79.00

Brand: The Gap / From: The Goodwill  / Paid: $7.99 /  Retail: $44.95

Brand: H+M / From: The Goodwill  / Paid: $5.99 /  Retail: $29.95

Brand: H+M / From: H+M / Paid: $12.95 /  Retail: $12.95

I don't know what it is, but this time of year, I am drawn to sparkle! This is the third outfit post in a row, that I have worn sequins, or in this case accessorized with them. Not to mention, as I was prepping outfits to shoot for this weekend, I pulled out a different sequin skirt. My brain is stuck on shine.

As for this adorable tote, I picked it up at my local Goodwill. When I first saw it, it was dirty and I didn't know if I really liked it. Do you ever have moments like that? Where you're drawn to something but you can't figure out why? I threw this tote in my basket because I didn't want to be kicking myself if someone else picked it up while I was debating. I ended up going all the way with this bag... I took it home and I hand-washed it. Once I got her all spiffed up, I knew I made the right decision. I'm pretty fond of this new accessory.

Here's a story for "Throwback Thursday"- I worked at The Limited in college. It was my first and last retail job. I was only there for three months, and out of all my jobs, it is still the worst job I have ever had. "Please let me stand at the front door with a hand tally, clicking for every person who walks in" SAID NO ONE EVER!

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