Farewell: A long and drawn out goodbye to fashion blogging

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I guess I should write a farewell post? I mean most of you have already realized I'm gone. I stopped blogging just after the new year. It wasn't a conscious decision, I just ran out of things to say. I thought I might rebound, but it's been over a month (maybe two, I stopped counting) since I even thought about blogging. If you were one of my avid readers you remember my meltdown last Summer. I knew then that I should stop, but it's kind of like a bad relationship and you just have to push yourself to the limit before you stop. Don't get me wrong, blogging was not harmful to my health, it just quit being therapeutic.

I didn't stop loving fashion, I'm just tired of being part of the noise. Everyone and anyone is a blogger these days, that's the beauty of the internet right? But there are so few unique voices out there. I used to think I was unique, and maybe some of my posts were the first of their kind, but you wouldn't actually be able to prove that. I got lost in a sea of trends and keeping up with the fashion Jones' if you will. My husband always joked that "My Thrifty Chic" was my starter wife, so who knows what the future holds. As of right now I am content with my life. I get to cook dinner and watch netflix marathons with my husband without checking my blog stats. I can watch the Academy Awards, and then turn them off when they get boring without worrying about a "best dressed" list. I have one less obligation in life, and that is nice.

I thank all of you who took this journey with me. This blog has changed the person I am, as cheesy as that sounds. I am a completely different person now, and  I would say a better one too. I have made a lot of friends through my blog, and somehow avoided any internet trolls. I have never received a derogatory comment on my blog, I think that is a success in itself... or maybe I was just playing it safe.. you decide. I still love fashion, so I welcome any conversations or questions you have! I still have the My Thrifty Chic Facebook page, and my Instagram. If you want to remain in contact I would love that! Thank you again for all of your support, my readers, my friends... farewell.

This is where I first dreamt up this blog... and thus it will end here as well.

Neon for days

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Brand: J Crew  / From: The Goodwill / Paid: $4.99 /  Retail: $135.00

Brand: Forever 21  / From: Forever 21 / Paid: $10.80 /  Retail: $10.80
Brand: n/a  / From: ebay / Paid: $15.50 /  Retail: $40.00
Brand: Steve Madden  / From: Nordstrom / Paid: $89.00 /  Retail: $89.00
Brand: Old Navy  / From: Old Navy / Paid: $4.00 /  Retail: $8.95

Despite my self proclaimed eclectic style, I love J Crew. The simplicity, the quality and their attention to detail really appeals to me. Their prices on the other hand, leave me feeling sad. I cannot afford to shop at J Crew, even their outlet prices are too expensive for me. But, I do get really excited when I find J Crew items at the thrift store! This neon pink blouse is a little flamboyant for J Crew, but I kinda love it. I wore this outfit to work the other day, and one of my coworkers asked me if I had to plug the shirt in. It's bright, but it's not crazy bright, right?

How do you feel about this neon on neon action?

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Have you heard of Plexus Slim?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Okay ladies, let's talk fitness and weight loss. I don't normally delve into these topics as I am a really shitty healthy person. I grew up with terrible eating habits (yet was always skinny until I hit 23). I have to drag myself to the gym and I would rather have splinters shoved under my finger nails than go on a juicing cleanse (okay, maybe that's a bit extreme). But... I really do desire to be healthy and shed a few extra pounds in the process. I am 28 (and a half). I know, that's not exactly middle age, but my body doesn't do what it used to. When I was 25 I dropped 15 pounds in a month, but 3 years later, the best I can do is maintain weight. It sucks! Yes, there are more extreme ways I could loose weight if I hated myself more, if I wanted to risk my health, or spend thousands of dollars. But I am trying to do, as Dr. Phil calls it, "a lifestyle change." So enough about me, let's get to the point.

I am  intrigued by fat burning supplements, even though I know 99% of them don't actually work. I have tried a variety of shakes and green tea pills, targeted for weight loss, but they have never been a sustainable option for my lifestyle. However, my interest was especially peaked when someone I actually know had a success story with one of these products. I have an old high school friend who has been documenting her journey with Plexus Slim on Facebook. After Noelle's glowing  review on how Plexus Slim helped her get rid of her baby weight, I started to research it.

I was a slight bit confused when I started looking into Plexus Slim because there aren't many negative reviews on it... which I always find to be weird. I also checked out the list of ingredients and they all seemed to be harmless too. I mean there are way worse chemicals in soft drinks. I really pondered trying this product, but with the holiday season sneaking up on me, I decided I really couldn't afford it. Then, as fate would have it, Noelle reached out to me right after Christmas. She had read some of my frustrations with weight loss and exercising on my blog and really thought I should try it. Noelle isn't just a user of the Plexus Slim, she also is an ambassador, so she sent me a 7 day trial.

I have to say, I was reluctant to take the sample because I worried it wouldn't work, I mean none of the other ones have worked for me. However, Noelle was really sweet and she told me if I didn't like it, it wasn't a big deal, no harm done. BUT... I did like it.... shocking right?!? Before I go any further with my review, I want you to know I am not being paid to write this (or being given free samples) and I am not implying that this is a miracle worker or that it will work for everyone. All I can say is that I liked the results after only a week. I liked the results so much, that I splurged and bought a month supply.


So here's the skinny.. In one week, I lost 2.5 pounds and 2 inches around my waist and thighs. That was enough of a change to convince me to try an whole month. One of the biggest reasons I decided to drop the cash was because Plexus Slim offers a 60 day money back guarantee. I don't want to reinvent the wheel, so here is a link to a third party blog where she describes in detail the history behind the supplements and the ingredient list. CLICK HERE.

Below, you will see Noelle. When I told Noelle I was going to write a blog post, she was excited, until of course I wanted to see her before and after images. She was reluctant and said she has tried to get rid of all her "before" shots. Noelle was always thin growing up, but she had been struggling with her baby weight. As you can see from her image on the left, she was by no means fat, but she was unhappy with the extra weight she put on. Noelle started using Plexus Slim in August 2013 and by December 2013 she had lost 15 lbs. I know that might not seem like a lot in 4 months, but trust me, without an insane workout regime and starving yourself, that's a pretty good timeline.

At the end of the day, this is an extremely personal decision. I am not recommending that everyone run out and buy this. I just wanted to bring it to your attention, so you can research it for yourself. I also do not think this is a miracle worker, and you have to eat right in order to maintain the benefits. But, if you are looking for a jump start, maybe you are the right candidate to try it out. After all... there is a 60 day money back guarantee.

If you do decide to buy this, please go through Noelle's site. She is a hard working Mama and I want to support her! You can access Noelle's Plexus Slim account here. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Noelle, she is super sweet and will answer all your questions: noellelaine@yahoo.com

I'll be sure to update you on my progress with Plexus Slim, I have a month supply, so let's see what this stuff does in 4 weeks.

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Black and Yellow

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Brand: Betsey Johnson  / From: Marshalls / Paid: $29.99 /  Retail: $100.00

Brand: n/a  / From: ebay / Paid: $15.50 /  Retail: $30.00
Brand: Brash  / From: Payless Shoe Source / Paid: $10.00 /  Retail: $35.00

I wore this outfit last week to a charity event that my husband and I attended. How I came upon this outfit is a whole other story. You see, B informed me that we were going to an "event" on Friday night. When I asked what kind of event, he told me, that thought it was a charity event. This is exhibit A on why men aren't allowed to be in charge of the details. It's not that I cared what type of event it was per se, but I was concerned with what I was going to wear. B was not at all worried about the dress code, and stated that he planned on wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I made him ask his colleague (who invited us) what the attire was. The response I received was "casual." I was still not sold on the information I was receiving, so I Googled the venue. It was at a fine dining restaurant! B was holding out strong and ended up wearing a collared t-shirt (that's dressing up for him), and I went with this lace and leather LBD.

With this dress, I figured I wouldn't be thrown out of the place. I think that the mixed textiles add some panache and the neon necklace keeps it young. I don't mind being over dressed to an event, but being under dressed is simply unacceptable! When we got to the event, I was relieved that it wasn't black tie, and that it was in fact fairly casual. B could have tried harder, but he wasn't super out of place.