DIY Jimmy Choo

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The other day my Husband and I had to walk into Nordstrom to get parking validation, side note, I do not like to ever go into places I cannot afford.... it's cruel and unusual punishment! Not to mention the parking validation is in none other than the shoe department, double ugh! I took a deep breath and began gazing at all the gorgeous shoes that I cannot afford. I then laid my eyes on a pair of Jimmy Choo's covered in glitter. They had a price tag of $750!!! Even when I have that kind of money, I don't think I could fork it out, especially for shoes that I could make (see where this is going)....

So, I snapped a little picture of the shoes to jog my memory later, and left the store with a deflated ego, and yet a hopeful heart. I told my husband, "I can make those." He gave me one of his "you're mildly nuts" looks and nothing else was said.

The next day I found myself picking up a giant pack of glitter and I was off on a mission! As soon as I got through the door after work, I set out to recreate a masterpiece (imagine very dramatic music). There are a lot of pictures in this DIY, I hope I wasn't too detailed ;)

Here are the official Jimmy Choo pumps

Now look Below to See my Version :)

 Start by getting everything you will need for the process
-Pair of Heels
-Paint Brush
-Tray to catch excess glitter
** Keep in Mind, this gets messy!!**

You will need rainbow colored glitter and since I couldn't find that, I bought the variety pack and mixed it myself

I also picked up some chunky glitter so it wasn't all one texture

As an adhesive, I like to use Liquid Stitch. I have used it on many projects and I love it!

For the shoes, I used an old pair of Forever 21 heels that I bought on clearance for $10. I really like the shoes, but they are getting worn out

In a separate bowl I mixed a little of every color (except black & silver) I also added the chunky silver glitter I bought to the mix. I tried to do the same of every color. This the an {MTC} special blend :D

Then mix it all up and if you feel like one color is lacking add some more

After prepping your station, it's best to just jump right in! I began on the heel, but anywhere you wanna start will work. I put a glob of glue down.....

Then with my paint brush I smoothed it out (when not using the paint brush, put it in a glass of water so the glue doesn't ruin it)

Then sprinkle the glitter over the glue and dust off the excess into a catch pan. I found that using a sponge brush was really helpful in removing extra glitter.

 Instead of wasting a ton of glitter, I used the excess to keep sprinkling. The sponge brush also helps move the glitter and keep it from sticking to the containers

Getting there! Here is what mine looked like half way through

I was starting to get really excited that I might actually pull this off :)

After I covered them in glitter, I sprayed them with hairspray to keep any loose pieces from falling off.

I didn't want to be walking around dropping glitter everywhere so I went a step further and yes, spray painted them with a high gloss clear. Just a quick coat to make sure everything stayed in place :)

Here is the finished product!! I wore them to work today and other than some glitter still left inside the shoe, they were perfect!!

And... I've already gotten a couple compliments on them :)

So, what do you think? Will you try this?

The grand total for this project, including the shoes was only $13!!! Take that ridiculously overpriced shoe industry :D

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