Show Stopper

Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm sure you all have it in your closet, a single garment that really needs no styling, something that simply stands out on it's own. Today, I am going to share with you my most recent "show stopper."

I found this BB Dakota dress at none other than my local Goodwill. I was immediately captivated by the lace detail and knew I had to buy it. I have worn this dress 3 times since purchasing it, and styled it differently each time. I love how versatile the dress is and that I could wear it with nothing but flip flops and it's still a stunner. In the past I have paired it with mint green accessories, I have tried silver accessories and even navy ones; all of them worked flawlessly!

Today however, I was feeling girly, and what's the most girly color you can think of? PINK! I am not usually a pink kind of person, I actually detested the color and refused to wear it until my late teens. It takes a special shade of pink to make it into one of my shopping carts! The pink hue I went with today is more of a fuchsia/magenta. I like that it's bright and rich, it feels like a big girl version of pink ;) I kept my accessories minimal today, because with a "show stopper" you don't really need much! And keeping with my pink theme, I paired my dress with rose gold jewelry.

Total Outfit Cost: $29.27
Estimated Retail: $116.19

brand: BB Dakota
purchase price: $7.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail: $70.00

brand: Merona
purchase price: $0.99
purchased from: The 99 Cents only store
estimated retail: $16.99

brand: Forever 21
purchase price: $1.50 (Yup, only a buck fifty)!
purchased from: Forever 21
estimated retail: $1.50

brand: Forever 21
purchase price: $4.80
purchased from: Forever 21
estimated retail: $4.80

brand: Brash
purchase price: $16.99
purchased from: Payless Shoe Source
estimated retail: $23.00

I have worn these great fuchsia pumps twice before on {mtc}, which way do you like them best?

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