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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yesterday was my 2 year wedding anniversary with my amazing husband. December of this year, we will celebrate our 7th year dating. For those of you who don't know us, we met when I was 14 and he was 16. We went to the same high school and we dated each others friends. We never connected when we were young, but we were quite good friends. High school graduations came, and the world sent us off in different directions.

It would take 5 years before Brett and I even speak again. It was that menace Myspace, we have to thank. We reconnected through social media, he was living in Chicago and me in California. We did the long distance thing for 8 months, but knew we had to be together on a daily basis. By the end of 2006, he had convinced me to leave everything I'd ever know and move back to Chicago with him. This was one of the scariest moments of my life. I cried, a lot.

Looking back, I wasn't taking a gamble on Chicago, I was taking a risk on a relationship. One that was new and foreign to me. I threw up my hands and decided I was going to trust this crazy, passionate man, and in return he promised me all my dreams would come true... I have to say, he has lived up to the hype. On a daily basis he inspires me and he motivates me to be a better me. He is my best friend, my partner in crime, and my rock.

To celebrate our Anniversary, we went out for a seafood dinner Monday night. There are lots of great restaurants in LA, but we can't afford them :D We ended up going to Red Lobster, which I know isn't the classiest of joints, but we always enjoy it! I had my favorite, crab legs and Brett got all you can eat shrimp. It was tasty, and exactly what we wanted. I of course, was a little over dressed for such an establishment, but hey, that's what I do ;)

Total Outfit Cost: $27.07
Estimated Retail: $223.75

{sequin dress}
brand: H and M
purchase price: $9.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail: $59.95

brand: Twiggy London
purchase price: $5.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail: $99.00

{double cross ring}
brand: unknown
purchase price: $1.30
purchased from: eBay
estimated retail: unknown
{bracelet cuff}
brand: unknown
purchase price: $5.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail: unknown

brand: Forever 21
purchase price: $3.80
purchased from: Forever 21
estimated retail: $3.80

brand: Qupid
purchase price: c/o South Bay Galleria
purchased from: Love D
estimated retail: $40.00

Whoops! I totally meant to post some pictures from our wedding when I first posted this. Here are some pictures from 10-10-10!!

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Whitney@SomethingBroughtYouHere said...

Congrats on two years!!

lucia m said...

loving the dress!



Unknown said...

Lovely dress!Thank you for the comment on my blog!X

Gargi Salgaonkar said...

pretty outfit

Unknown said...

That dress is awesome!!

Secure In Style said...

Happy 2-year anniversary! Love the dress!


TheTinyHeart said...

Happy anniversary! I loved hearing the story about how you guys came to be a couple :) I'm dying over your sparkly dress and how it was only $9!

The Tiny Heart
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Giovanna said...

Cute look! Loving your dress!! Happy Anniversary!


Kristen said...

Such a sweet story! Happy anniversary! I love Red Lobster! This dress is georgeous!

ThriftyGirl51 said...

Happy Anniversary! I like Red Lobster too, I've spent several birthdays there! I think you were dressed perfectly for a birthday girl : ) I like the then and the now!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 2 years! :) You're still newlyweds in the sense. That would be scary moving thousands of miles away for a relationship! But it all worked out. Love your dress! <3


Always Maylee said...

Happy anniversary! You look gorgeous in this dress, I love it with the pink blazer!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

The_Leather_Skirt_Blog said...

Wonderful ensemble. Wonderful story.

Happy Anniversary!

KT said...

What a sweet little love story :)
I loved getting to see your wedding pictures and the sequined dress is AMAZING!

Lily Marek said...

Aw congratulations! What a sweet story and great outfit!

Lindsay said...

Congrats on your anniversary! You look dynamite. That sequin dress is ah-mazing! So in love with it!

ashley said...

Happy anniversary, what beautiful pictures!!! And love the outfit you posted as well.

xo Ashley

Katie said...

happy anniversary!! I LOVE your sequin dress!

Ag said...

I love these sequins dress, and those wedding photos are amazing! Lovely dress.. I am getting married next year and can't wait to have that much fun!!!

Amy said...

Love the remixed dress and happy anni!

Unknown said...

your wedding was beautiful!!! & love how you restyled that sequin dress

xo Jackie

Anonymous said...

love how you re-imagined this sequin dress, it looks great both ways. Congrats on two years of wedded bliss!

Julia said...

Ahh! Your wedding photos are gorgeous! You look like you're having so much fun :) So pretty my dear!


Unknown said...

Wow gorgeous photos! Beautiful bride, romantic photos to keep for a lifetime! <3

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

Ok, first - Happy Anniversary!

Second! YOU had lighter hair!! OMG! I love it!

Beautiful wedding photo's :) and it doesn't matter where you go to celebrate your anniversary dinner as long as you're together.

Haley Titus said...

Your outfits are so cute, it looks like you had an amazing wedding! Glad to have found your blog <3

Colour Me Classic

eliz said...

Happy Anniversary...I hope you enjoyed your stay in Chicago (uughh maybe except winter??). Love your wedding pictures!

Nav said...

happy anniversary! stunning photos!

Unknown said...

congrats on two years!! you look great! i met my hubs when i was 14 too, its crazy to think about :)