DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You have been living under a rock if you haven't heard about the hype behind "Ugly Christmas Sweaters." A few years ago, it became trendy to find the most abhorred and tackiest sweater you could find. Normally these sweaters were found in our sweet grandma's closets, or worse, grandma gave them to you as a gift (sorry Grandma Jackie if you're reading this). Thrift stores used to be filled with these pompom and bell embellished threads, but ever since the hipsters got wind of this trend, these sweaters are pretty hard to find. These sweaters have become so popular, that retailers have gone into production to recreate them. Not to mention, they sell for upwards of $30!

I have attended a few ugly Christmas sweater themed parties myself, and every time I have had to create my own, because I cannot find a single one. Today, I decided to share with you, how I make my own tacky creations, just like grandma would have!! All my supplies came from the thrift store and the dollar store. Each sweater/vest cost under $10 to make.

hot glue
a variety of Christmas decorations

1. My first Christmas sweater is the easiest and the cheapest to make! I started with a thrifted pull over sweater and then just attached a stocking I found at the Dollar Tree. I hand stitched the stocking on, but in retrospect, it would have been much faster to just hot glue it on. I love the stocking because, now I can hide candy... or my cocktail in it!
2. My Second creation is also extremely simple to make, I call it my "wreath sweater." The dollar stores all have these pre-made wreaths, so all I did was hand sew it to my sweater. I picked a thicker sweater (from the thrift store), that would hold up the weight of the wreath. Then, I hand stitched on silver ornaments and bells. You can also just hot glue the ornaments, that's much quicker.

The final creation I made last night is what my Husband calls his "Aladdin Christmas Vest." I chose to make my Husband a vest because he tends to get really hot. I figured a vest was the best way to keep him from whining about the heat from the sweater. Everything you see below can be hot glued. I ended up hand sewing everything because I ran out of glue sticks. The thread will hold up longer, but it's totally up to you how you'd like to apply your decorations. For the vest, I took some twisted garland and applied it as trim to the vest. Then I glued on (with what was left of my hot glue) the little stockings. Lastly, I sewed on the bells, for an added jingle!

4. I Have an Amendment to my original post: I just finished a fourth sweater. I had to go out an grab some more hot glue sticks, but it's done! For this sweater, I took rope tinsel from the dollar store and I zig-zagged it in a Christmas Tree  shape. Then I hot glued on the ball ornaments and cut out a star from a felt sheet. It took me less than 30 minutes!!

I still have a few more ideas I want to make, but I ran out of supplies. I have convinced my whole family to wear tacky sweaters this year to our Christmas dinner. Since they are so hard to find, I will probably be making one for everyone. No good deed goes unpunished, right? I hope I have inspired you to make a wacky creation this year too!! Please Tweet or Facebook me pictures of your ugly sweaters, I'd love to see them!!

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