Monday, December 3, 2012

I am a couple years shy of 30, and I finally had to get some glasses. I have been blessed with good vision my whole life, and even now I have 20/25. However I have noticed some issues with night driving the last few years and decided to try some glasses. Since, I have never worn prescription glasses in my life, this has been an adjustment period. I don't have to wear them all the time, but when I do my eyes are not used to them. I often get nauseous or headaches, because I try to look at things close up... so I'm learning.

In other news, I was pretty obsessed with these polka dot tights that my girlfriend let me borrow.... and then I put not one, but TWO runs in them :( I feel awful about it and I rushed out to buy her another pair. I hate borrowing clothes and then messing them up. I don't think she'll really mind, but I hate when that happens! Why do they have to make tights to delicate!?! Luckily, the runs are not visible in these pictures, so enjoy!

Total Outfit Cost: $55.93
Estimated Retail: $196.94

brand: Countess
purchase price: $20.00
purchased from: Windsor
estimated retail: $20.00

{white tank}
brand: banana republic
purchase price: $3.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail: $34.99


brand: H&M
purchase price: $17.95
purchased from: H&M
estimated retail: $17.95

brand: unknown (from Macy's though)
purchase price: $6.00
purchased from: Flea Market
estimated retail: $45.00

brand: Jessica Simpson
purchase price: $7.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail: $79.00
*You will probably be seeing a lot of these lately, as they are my new favorite shoe!

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