DIY Jewelry Making: Textured Metal Collar

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let me just give you a glimpse into my brain. Last Saturday I was laying down attempting to take a nap and my brain just wouldn't turn off. A million different thoughts were running rampant and then my vision focused on one single thought... a DIY. All the other thoughts were gone and I began to piece together this craft project. As soon as I realized I had all the materials needed in my apartment, I was vertical and knew, no nap would be achieved.

Stiff Felt
Metallic Duct Tape
Hole Punch
Jump Ring
Hot Glue Gun

To begin, I took a stiff piece of felt I had lying around (don't use the flimsy felt). I don't do template, I usually just draw things by hand. So I laid the felt under the collar of one of my shirts and I used chalk to draw how I wanted it to look. Then, I cut around my chalk lines and then copied the shape so I would have two identical pieces. Next I took some metallic duct tape that I found at the dollar store months ago. It just feels like sticky aluminum foil. I wrapped each piece of felt in the tape. Then, to make it look like metal instead of tin foil I decided to give it a hammered look. I took a flat head nail and slowly made intentions all over each piece. This isn't hard and you don't have to use much force, but it is a bit monotonous. Also, make sure your two pieces are mirror images of each other. I accidentally did the whole process on the wrong side of one of my pieces... whoops.

Next, I took a leather hole puncher and made a tiny little hole on the inside corner of each collar piece. If you don't have a hole puncher, just use a hammer and a nail to make the hole. Then, I took a jump ring and attached both pieces together.

To finish off the look, I used my hot glue gun to attach a strand of ribbon to each side of the collar. Violá! You have a super cool textured metal collar! What do you think? I am kind of impressed with myself, and I love the fact that you can't tell it's just glorified tin foil!

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