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Sunday, April 14, 2013

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Everything in my life is CRAZY right now! I had a few job interviews last week, and I have a second interview for one of the positions tomorrow. I have been in interview mode for the last 10 days, and my brain just won't shut off. Even when I sleep, I think what are your three greatest strengths... ugh God help me!!! To make matters more complicated, my laptop has been crapping out on me. We bought a used MacBook Pro, and today my husband tried to swap out the hard drives. Turns out my MacBook is so old it's almost impossible to upgrade the processor. Long story short, we have three laptops in our living room with all the hard drives on the table while my geeky husband sorts is all out. Luckily we have a desk top, so I can write to you tonight ;)

I have been dying to craft lately, but I have had zero time! Between all that nonsense I mentioned above, writing cover letters, attending out of town weddings and my normal blog duties, I haven't held a glue stick in months! I still browse Pinterest every night before bed, so I am building my DIY to-do-list! I wanted to share a couple of the projects I am planning on completing in the next few months.
Okay, so maybe this isn't a project I can complete in the near future, but how cool are these DIY vintage archways? I have a few ideas for utilizing crown molding in my apartment, but If I owned my own home I would totally be doing this!

Lately My shower and bathroom in general, is over run with products! Especially after my amazing Lucky FABB gift bag, I have 2 different face washes, 4 types of shampoo, and a dozen other soaps/lotions. I have one shower caddy, but it's overflowing and I've crammed every corner of my shower with a different bottle. I love this idea of just adding a second caddy on the other side of the shower. It is such a simple fix, and you could even make a "his" and "hers" out of it!

I grew up in the country, and I love the outdoors! Unfortunately, one of the downfalls to living in an apartment in Los Angeles, is the lack of a yard and greenery. I don't have a ton of direct sunlight in my apartment, so most plants don't last very long. I love these terrariums, because they are small, and really hard to kill lol. I have been dying to make a couple, and I hope I get to make one soon!

Jenni from I Spy DIY, is one of my favorite DIY bloggers! She always has such clever ideas, and this one is so simple! She made this table runner for Thanksgiving, but you can personalize it to say whatever you want. I have a lot of burlap laying around, and I think this would be the perfect use for it.

This is on the top of my DIY to-do-list! I refuse to pay $10/each for curtain tiebacks! My curtains are usually knotted, or held back with a thumb tack, I know classy right? I love this idea of using a snap hook key ring as a tieback, and I will be making a few very soon!

I was so excited when I saw this pin, because I actually stumbled across two of these crates last week. One of my neighbors had left them out by our dumpster. They are really good wood, so I swiped them. I have been contemplating what to do with them, and I think this idea is perfect!!

I love DIY's that are no-brainers! Sometimes I get into a craft project and it becomes so complex, I wish I had just bought something instead of making it, lol. But, this one is as easy as it gets! All you need is a canvas and some thumb tacks! I have at least 6 canvases laying around my house, and one of them is getting this style make over.

I love this idea of wall art as well!! I could literally make this right now because I have all the supplies in my apartment! All it takes, is a canvas, some of that burlap and black buttons! I can't wait to make some new wall art!

I don't plan on painting any walls in my apartment (because I hate repainting when I move out), but I love this idea for creating perfect polka dots! All you have to do is take an old laundry basket, and it creates the perfect polka dot stencil!

The last pin I wanted to share is this great article about adding color to your apartment without paint. As I mentioned, I rent an apartment, and I hate repainting when I move out. This article is great, because it shares ways to add vibrancy through decorating.

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Allison Leighann said...

I like quite a few of these DIYs but I absolutely love that thumbtack and canvas one! I can actually do it without getting frustrated, and that almost makes me excited enough to go out and get it tonight!

Adrienne @ The Art of Being Black and White said...

Love love the curtain tie backs and the towel/toilet paper crate rack! Super cute!!

Lindsey A. said...

Love the burlap and buttons DIY. Definitely make a terrarium! I just planted a succulent terrarium this weekend and it was a really easy way to add some green to our home.

Unknown said...

Vintage doorways = amazing.

Anonymous said...

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