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Monday, July 22, 2013

Did you know that "Tori" means "little bird" in Japanese? Well I'm certainly not Japanese, and quite frankly I hate birds, so this interpretation has never fit my personality. The only way I can even remotely make a connection is that I love little things, like baby shoes, miniature models of anything really, baby animals, and anything else tiny. I have read that the Japanese also appreciate little things, but that's as close of a connection as I can make with the meaning of my name.

I have long been envious of those with "common" names and I've never once found a pencil with my name printed on it in a gift shop! I have no idea where my mom came up with my name, I don't think she even remembers! I have read for years that there is power in what you name your kids, and that it can shape their personalities. The only thing my unique name ever did for me was remind me of how "unique" I am. I think unique is being nice, I'm down right weird. I'm not creepy, but I'm very different than anyone you would ever meet. I have never received the comment "you remind me of so-and-so." I think that qualifies me as unique right?  I have always been a little jaded that my name means absolutely nothing in relation to my personality, but I stumbled upon this website recently! Check out what it thinks my name signifies:

  • Your first name of Tori gives you a responsible, self-sufficient, and dependable nature.
  • If you have been given the opportunity, you could do well in business developing your leadership, administrative, and managing abilities.
  • Appreciating quality in all things, you desire to be prosperous.
  • You do not like to relinquish control nor do you accept advice readily.
  • You have a strong, determined nature and you must be careful that you do not dominate or interfere in the lives of others in your desire to be helpful.
  • This name makes you too forceful at times, limiting the natural feminine qualities of tenderness and tact.  (guilty!!!)
  • It causes tension and allied problems in the female organs.

Besides that last bullet point, this is me to a T!! I also tried this using my Husband and Mother's names... it's pretty damn accurate! I don't know what the science is behind it, but I would love to be enlightened! If you try this out, let me know if it works for you too!! Enter your name here.

This is called a "Torii" or otherwise known as a  traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine, where it symbolically marks the transition from the profane to the sacred.

And then, there is this weird shit that is referred to as "tori mandibular". They're abnormal bones that grow in the bottom of people's mouths. Irony... my father has these! Sidebar: Mouths are so disgusting to me!!

And.. there's always the lovely Tory Burch! She is probably the best "tori" reference I can think of. Love her!

Have you found any weird meanings of your names? Do you find that your name has shaped your personality or vice versa?
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