Love It Link It - A New Blog Link Up!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Howdy!! Allow me to introduce my new Link Up! Some of you might remember my Anything and Everything blog hop from earlier in the year, but I am changing it up! Love it Link it, is a new weekly blog hop that will start every Monday night at 9pm PST.


This link up only has one theme: link what you love! Please feel free to share your outfit of the day, a great DIY, your favorite new mascara, or anything else you think the blog-o-sphere should know about! Grab the button below and start linking!!

What I am going to tell you, might totally affect the way you see me, but it has to be said... I do not take ootd pics on the actual days I post them. I know, illusion shattered right? I do in fact wear all of the clothes I take pictures of, but it's usually on a day with 10 different wardrobe changes. I usually pack 3-10 outfits with a laundry basket full of shoes (not even kidding) and the hubs and I set off to take some pictures around Los Angeles. This past Sunday, I took B downtown and we shot a couple outfits on roof tops and sky bridges, and the one below in the park!


I bought this baseball jacket purely because it was cheap and trendy. I am a firm believer that not all trends are made for all types of people, but sometimes I still want to give them a go. I didn't know if I could, or if I would even want to pull off this jacket, but... I found it this past summer on our trip to the Grand Canyon (There was a pretty fabulous Goodwill in Flagstaff, AZ). I have worn this jacket a couple times, and I always look 12! Not that that's a bad thing, but I kinda look like a 30 year old trying to look 12. This jacket is not nearly as high fashion on me as I had hoped, but then again, nothing I wear really is.

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